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Presents an opportunity for all Creative Artists

Art Flair


Aakanksha Singh
Aliia Roza
Adah Sharma
Kian Barazandeh
Donal Bisht
Sunayana Fozdar
Pavvitra Punia
Soniya Bansal
Seerat Kapoor
Neha Marda
Neha Bhasin
Meghana Kaushik
Kangana Sharma
Alina Rai
Shama Sikander
Ishita Dutta
Karishma Kotak
Madhura Naik
Madhurima Tuli
Ahsaas Channa
Hofit Golan
Barkha Singh


About This Programme

“Art Flair” particularly means an aptitude of an artist for creating novel ideas. This programme held by L’utopia Magazine, is for Artists from all fields including but not limited to Photographers, Content writers, actresses, influencers, models, content creators, comedians, fashion stylists, makeup artists, script writers, bloggers, entertainers and many more.


If you are an artist, then this is the platform for you! We aim to change the differentiation between established Artists and new, aspiring artists. 


We as a magazine are offering you a chance to be featured and enjoy multiple benefits through this programme!  We bring to you this programme, with set of opportunities applicable for all the participants irrespective of their backgrounds!

If You Are Human You Are A Creator

Art Flair

Perks and Awards!

We are excited to present all participants with exciting awards

Art Flair

Cover Title

Best 15 Artists would stand a chance to have the titles of their interview on the cover of L’utopia Magazine.

Art Flair

Inside Feature

Best 600 Artist shall be featured in L’utopia’s upcoming Artist Editions, spread across 3 issues, 200 artists per edition.

Art Flair

Branded Products

Each participants will be rewarded a product from one of our Esteemed Brands.

Art Flair

Discount Voucher

Avail maximum Discount Vouchers at the end of the campaign, available to each participant, regardless of the results.

Art Flair


Each participant shall be presented with a Certificate of Participation in appreciation of your interest. 

How It Works?

Art Flair

The first stage includes filling up the participation form.

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The second stage involves us sending the participants a culmination of their tasks.

Art Flair

The third stage tasks the participants to create appropriate content to submit.

Art Flair

Lastly, the fourth and final stage necessitates participants to Submit their entries.



The programme commences with the participation stage.

At the end of the form you will be taken to the payment page that includes the participation fee of 999 only.


While filling the form, choose your category of Artist vigilantly and wisely!


We will send you a confirmation email, confirming your submission to our website, immediately after your form is submitted!


The second stage involves the magazine sending all participants within the first 48 hours, the culmination of all tools required to participate! The email will contain the following:

  • The participants will receive emails with a personalized reference code which would only suffice for one instant scanning. 

  • A tappable link to a product that leads the participant directly to the website of the brand wherein each participant must use the reference code while on the payment page, rendering the product free of cost. 
    {This code will not be applicable on any other product on the brand’s website barring the designated product!}

  • Thirdly each artist will receive a form in the same email that will allow the participant to share their content with us!


Each participant will receive a reference code that they can share with friends and family relinquishing 100 each time the reference code is used. L’utopia will calculate the number of times the code is used and will deposit the final amount in the respective bank account after the end of the 30 day programme.


The true test lies ahead.




In the third stage, artists need to exhibit their talent by creating content using their designated products. Each participant must follow the brand and L’utopia Magazine for updates for the entire duration of the campaign.

  • The participant may create content in any file format including videos, pictures, written content in word files etc.

  • After receiving their products, the participants must submit their entries within 7 days. Kindly research on the brand before making your submission to make sure your work has the correct information.

  • The content must be displayed on your Instagram account via stories, posts or reels, tagging both the official Instagram handle of our magazine and the brand of the product, making sure the tags are tappable. 


Finally, at the end of the stage all the participants must submit their entries via the form provided in the email. Please affirmatively follow L’utopia magazine and the brand for constant updates!



Refer & Earn

From Artists To other Artists

You will receive a reference code via email in the second stage once your participation form has been submitted!

For every participation that uses your reference code, you will receive an amount of 100 at the end of the participation stage.

Now isn’t that exciting?!

An opportunity to showcase your talent on our platform and earn a little extra, all wrapped up together in a neat, pretty little package in our conspicuous programme.


So what are you waiting for?

Art Flair