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A Star Unparalleled - Nandish Singh Sandhu

by Akshay T S

June 7, 2023

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He was already a Television Star—and then he became Jamshed Khan in Jubilee. Inside the stupendous rise of Nandish Sing Sandhu.

In this L'utopia exclusive, we sit with the gallant Nandish Singh Sandhu. After his iconic performance playing Jamshed Khan. Nandish aims to triumph by playing flawed characters who are true to themselves.

We kickstart by asking him to describe his life using a film title: "It would definitely be Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I have always believed that you should have no regrets in life. You should try everything. At the same time, not be dependent or addicted to anything." Nandish fondly expresses his life philosophy through living to the fullest, doing what he feels like doing, and making the best out of it.


With an excellent performance in his resume from Jubliee, we couldn't resist asking Nandish about his favorite genres to act in: "Well, my favorite genre would be definitely drama, wherein we talk about human emotions like love, courage, humor, anger, and whatnot." He treasures characters that are an enigmatic blend, who are absolutely flawed and can be their true selves. He believes these characters are more vital than the mere depiction of heroism.

Beyond acting

Apart from acting, traveling gets his blood pumped up. And recently, Nandish has also added a keen interest in the stock market, which he relays as a fascinating subject to ponder.


The Fitness Mantra

Sharing his perspective on Fitness, Nandish believes in treating it as a lifestyle rather than a hectic chore. He emphasizes Fitness, especially after this pandemic. "In today's world, many young people are affected due to the lack of physical activity. It's happening all around us. And people really need to take care of their bodies. I'm not talking about bodybuilding or musclebuilding. It's only about your physical well-being." he also advocates for food consciousness, "you're the kind of food that you eat because there's adulteration and pesticides in the foods we consume." Fitness should become imperative.

Trailing the career 

Reflecting on his acting career from television to Jubilee, he is extremely grateful for an impeccable ride. Highlighting his growth and learning experience along the way, Nandish is living the dream! Working with the directors he dreamt of, he has materialized his dreams. Attesting to a very successful television career, he says, "At the end of the day, I'm doing the same thing what I used to do back then in television, passionately filling the soul of the character and becoming that person in front of the camera."


Jubliee: A grand sensation

Enduring the grand success of Jubilee, he says, "Everybody is saying good things about the show, whether it's the regular audience or fraternity critics. Everybody has good things to say." He exalts and credits his great team, Vikramaditya Motwane, his director, and his costars for the success. "We all put in our blood and sweat literally into this, and so much of the time has gone in the making and—the show to do so well and being appreciated. It feels great. There's no better feeling."

Heaping praises for his performance as Jamshed Khan, he reveals what he loves about his character. Listing his admiration, he wholeheartedly cherishes the attitude of Jamshed Khan: He adds, " Jamshed Khan knows his talent, he's got that arrogance in him, which I think is extremely attractive, and I just love that."


Sound Suggestion

Passionately professing his only motto as a shared experience, Nandish says, "Don't take advice from anybody, do what feels good for yourself, do what satisfies your soul, and that is the only thing that matters."

From a decade of television performance to mainstream conviction, Nandish is a gallant actor and a star in his own right. With his outstanding performance in Jubilee, Nandish Singh Sandu is committed to ascending to greater heights.

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