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Adah Sharma, Sweetheart Since 1920!

by Aparajita Jaiswal

November 10, 2021

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The first person that comes to our mind when we think of the words 'fun', 'spontaneous' and 'multifaceted talent' is Adah Sharma. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the outgoing and busy actor, who has many movies in various languages in her kitty. Adah exudes maior 'Girl-next door' energy in her latest interview with Aparajita Jaiswal as they discussed about completing a century in the industry, internet's sensation and beloved Radha Sharma, thoughts on fashion, OTT platforms and more.

How and when exactly did you realize your passion for acting? What is the best part about being an actor?

Throughout my schooling I truly enjoyed acting. I had taken part in theater and plays every now and then. I always wanted to experiment and try and be something else every other day. Whatever I was wanting to become, I was very serious about it. started practicing acrobatics because I wanted to join the circus, you won't believe me. I was so dedicated and serious about it. I graduated from a Kathak course because I wanted to become a dancer. When I wanted to become an actor, once again, I was very serious about it and if I put it quite plainly, all the skills I learnt along the way have come in handy in my acting career.

I can only answer it based on my opinion, to me, it is absolutely the fact that I am allowed to be different people and personalities on-screen.

Everybody adores the content you and Radha give us. What do you think of Radha's popularity

Everyone adores Radha because she is the star-kid Radha Sharma. She is the first stuffed pillow to have her own Instagram. I am glad people are accepting and giving Radha the attention she deserves, however, it is not because of me. People admire her solely due to her talent and multiple expressions. (laughs) You have recently completed more than a decade since your entry in the industry. How has your experience been so far and how has the industry evolved so far? How would you describe your acting? I have actually completed a century in the industry! I have this hashtag that says #HundredYearsofAdahSharma because I started with the movie 1920 and we are currently in 2021.which makes it a hundred years. So it is safe to say I have been in the field longer than most veteran actors. I don't think I have aged for someone working since 1920 (laughs) it has to be the curious case of Adah. As for how I would describe my acting; I feel very fortunate to have bagged 1920 because I was able to prove that I can perform since our debut movie really makes a huge statement. Media and audience have been very kind and welcoming to me and so was my audience. I am very grateful for all the love and support people have given throughout these years, it really makes me feel very comfortable and more crazy I guess (haha).

You have a very strong fashion game. Who would you consider as your style and fashion icon?

For me, fashion is something that should be fun. When you start taking it too seriously it gets stressful and then there's no fun. Fashion is a part of my life and a part of me that I truly enjoy. If I am a part of a movie then I like sticking to the essence of the character based on how the character is written. On the other hand, I enjoy experimenting and trying out something | haven't done before in the case of fashion or magazine shoots. I also feel that what attracts my attention to someone else's style is when they have an inherent style of their own. One should be able to pick a style/hair style and make it their own, it would make it fun for themselves and make them look confident. I would say rather than strictly sticking to copying 'trends' one should have and play around with fashion. I would even say, don't be afraid of making mistakes, make mistakes in fashion because what might be a faux pas today might be in vogue tomorrow and vice versa. So you do you and have fun with fashion.

Tell us about the toughest part of your work? And why do you think it is tough for you?

The toughest part has to be, realizing that I am able to live my dream every single day. I enjoy every part of what I am doing, be it wearing amazing clothes or being a new character. Well, posing for selfies while savoring Bhel Puri….. life is tough! (haha, serious sarcasm intended). If anything you would be asked to change about your work, what would be that one thing? I consider myself at a very good phase in my career. I am being considered for really fun roles so right now I really do not wish to change anything. I am purely grateful for where I stand now.

Now that OTT platforms are gaining traction among actors, what do you feel and do you see it as an opportunity to display your work?

I have had an unremarkable OTT presence. I've previously been a part of a short-film Tinday, Moh which was released on OTT platforms. I played a bipolar character in Chuha Billi and a role in another OTT release entitled Holiday. I saw that my presence in Holiday drove more attention than most movies I have been a part of did. So, I make it a point to choose series, films or short stories that entertain, because when it is entertaining the medium of release doesn't matter because people would take efforts to watch it. So far as the content is good, people are hardly impacted by the medium. Whether they watch it on their phones or in multiplexes doesn't matter as long as they are enjoying the content. Once again, since I am very experimental and fun with work I want to try it all.

Why does your Instagram Bio say "Actor/crow/Cow"?

Yes, because when no one is watching I can turn into them. PS: but only when no one is watching.

You made your singing debut in Tamil. How did you prepare yourself for singing, that too in an unfamiliar language?

I have taken Piano and Carnatic music classes since a very young age So singing came pretty much easily and naturally. Though I enjoy singing and dancing. I really believe that acting is my first love. I would like to dance and sing as well. but WITH the acting.

You have worked in different regional industries as well. How has that experience been? How different is it from working in mainstream Bollywood?

If there's anything the pandemic has taught us, it is that if the content is good, everybody is going to watch it irrespective of the language and medium. From my experience. realized that it lies in the vision of the director as well. I have made a mark in the South Indian industry. My movies are also dubbed in Malayalam. I've been a part of Punjabi music videos. I see myself working in other regional movies as well. I am a part of an international action film which I am quite excited about. I am excited to try out all Indian languages and I would give foreign languages a chance as well.

How do you prepare yourself for a role? What attracts you to a role now?

It depends from role to role. Each role has its individual preparation needed. For instance, for my role in Commando, I was expected to speak Hindi with a Telugu tone to it, so I had an accent coach train me and for action movies I train accordingly. As for my South Indian movies, I like to read and reread and go well prepared to set since it is an unknown language. I like to read for my roles beforehand and go to set well prepared. It can be really stressful to receive lines on set. What attracts me to a role is something I haven't done before.

What is next for you? Anything you can talk about? Any new movies in the talks?

I have finished two Telugu films, one of which is a Girl action movie and the other movie is a sweet love story directed by Telugu actor Nani's sister Deepthi. It is produced by Nani as well. There is Commando 4 where I reprise my role as Bhavna Reddy once again. She is funnier and there's more action. I will also be seen in 'Aisa Waisa Pyaar' where I play the role opposite a dog named Happy. It is a lovestory between a dog and a cynical bitch. I really enjoyed playing it. There is Holiday 2 too. slated for release. There are few more in the works, but I am keeping fingers crossed for everything to work out.

If you see yourself working with a celebrity, who would it be?

I do not hold dreams because if I do that and it isn't fulfilled then I am bound to be re-born similar to Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om and become an actor once again and fulfill it in that incarnation. I just hope amazing filmmakers wake-up someday and say I wish Adah would sign our films. That's my dream!

You recently played the role of a transgender person in "Pati, Patni aur Panga'. How challenging was it to you and what measures did you take to prepare for the role?

'Pati ,Patni aur Panga' is a very sweet love story and I hold it very dear to me. I was attracted to the role and the film because as human beings we tend to jump into conclusions and to make hasty judgements without knowing the entire story. So, it is a film that taught us not to be judgmental, which is a very earnest thought.

Could we ever get a chance to see you working in Hollywood? Does that interest you?

Like I mentioned earlier, one may never know. I am open with my options and wish to try and pursue acting in different roles and in different languages as long as the role, core, content and message of the film/series/short film are meaningful and something I haven't tried before.


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