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Agatha Maksimova - The Rising Star Illuminating Cannes Film Festival

by Anushka Sharma

May 23, 2023

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The Cannes Film Festival, the epitome of glamour and cinematic excellence, is once again graced by the presence of the remarkable actress Agatha Maksimova. With her captivating performances and dedication to environmental conservation as the ambassador of WWF France, Agatha has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry. As she embarked on her fourth Cannes experience, L'utopia Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with Agatha to delve into her journey, memories, and aspirations.

Throwing light upon the Memorable Beginnings

Reflecting on her earlier Cannes escapades, Agatha fondly recalls her first time attending the festival. The allure of the red carpet, the adrenaline coursing through her veins, and the sheer excitement of watching a movie at the renowned Palais des Festivals created an unforgettable tapestry of emotions. Agatha admits to feeling nervous, but those initial moments ignited a passion within her that continues to burn brightly with each subsequent Cannes visit.

Championing Wildlife Conservation

Beyond her acting prowess, Agatha wholeheartedly embraces her role as the ambassador of WWF France. She devotes significant time and effort to raising awareness about animal welfare and preserving our precious wilderness. Agatha shares her deep concern for the alarming fact that one in three wild species is currently threatened, with climate change emerging as a significant cause alongside poaching and habitat destruction. By sharing news, disseminating vital information, and engaging the public, Agatha strives to illuminate the urgent need for conservation efforts.

[Awake Model Management: Empowering Talents]

A testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, Agatha founded Awake Model Management a decade ago. Driven by the desire to establish a talent agency that operates professionally and compassionately, Agatha's vision centers on providing an individualized approach to talent development. Awake Model Management serves as an indispensable assistant, partner, and representative, facilitating the creation of successful careers within the fashion industry.

[Dreams Beyond Cannes]

When asked about her aspirations outside of Cannes, Agatha expresses her desire to attend the Moscow International Film Festival and experience the thrill of Roland-Garros. These events hold a special place in her heart, representing her cultural roots and passions beyond the silver screen.

[Cannes: A Grand Spectacle]

As the festival's allure and prestige often precede it, we couldn't resist asking Agatha whether Cannes lives up to the hype. With a resounding affirmation, she attests that Cannes undeniably stands as one of the most vital and esteemed film festivals worldwide, attracting the industry's finest talent and films.

[A Passion for Cinema]

While Cannes offers a platform for glitz and glamour, Agatha emphasizes that her primary focus lies in her love for cinema. For her, the festival presents a unique opportunity to connect with directors, producers, and fellow cinema enthusiasts. Beyond the red carpet, Agatha actively engages in meetings and endeavors to watch as many films as possible. Being able to witness these works of art before their public release and experiencing them alongside the filmmakers and cast is an absolute privilege.


What does the future hold? 

As Agatha's star continues to ascend, she shares insights into her future projects. Currently engaged in several exciting endeavors, she reveals that next year will see her involved in the filming of a new movie. Notably, the script for this project was selected by Maison des Scénaristes during her first Cannes Film Festival in 2019—an auspicious beginning to a promising journey.

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