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Building Opportunities And Expanding Horizons: An Interview With Actor/Writer Meghana Kaushik

by Aadhya Venkatesh

May 26, 2022

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Meghana Kaushik is a multitalented actress and writer who aspires to do great work in the entertainment industry. Wishing to leave her mark, she thrives on the competition she faces. Meghana identifies the kind of work that she needs to do to justify her talent. "As an artist, your goals are clear to you", she says. While speaking about recognizing opportunities, she said that one must always be prepared for the golden opportunity, ready to strike it with complete determination when it does occur. Stemming from the need to create such 'golden opportunities' for herself and others, she began writing for the screen. "As a writer, I can tell stories and narratives that I, as an actor, would like to act in". Meghana also believes that writing stories that she believes in will allow her to talk about subjects that need to be voiced.

Meghana comes from theatre and has trained with Barry John as she always believes in improving her craft. Her foray into acting has been a learning curve. Belonging to a family with no connection to the industry, she had to learn everything about the process from scratch. The downside to this is that she has been dropped from many projects because she is not well-connected or comparatively well-known. She hopes that she can eventually work with creators that "cast actors based on their talent instead of social media follower count".

Wishing to travel the world with her career, she wants to stand out in her field. She sees herself on the world stage, winning internationally acclaimed awards for her work while simultaneously creating a space of recognition for Indian talent. Currently, she is working on two feature films, one of which she is co-writing. Her inspiration in the field ranges from Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman, Sridevi and Alia Bhatt in the Indian film industry to icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, and Emily Blunt, amongst others. One of the easiest roles Meghana has played to date has been Nikita from Love, Lust, and Confusion. She believes that the character helped bring out her alter-ego, a person who was free-spirited, fashionable and non-judgmental about life and choices.

Meghana strives to be a leader in a world full of followers. She urges those around her to remain positive in their lives and not let our differences and flaws bring us down. She propagates empowerment through acceptance of personal flaws with flair and grace. "Set yourself small goals to start with, and love yourself first" is the mantra she wishes to share.

In a message to the youth, she pushes them to take charge and pave the way for the world to become a better place. She champions everyone to use their energies to protect fundamental human rights and promotes education for all. "We always need to be mindful and dream big. It is pertinent that we do not get caught up in mediocrity". All Meghana wants is for people to get over being lazy and take charge of their own lives, ultimately initiating a change that starts at the individual level.

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