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Keeping it real with fashion & lifestyle influencer of the year Hofit Golan

By Aparajita Jaiswal

April 5, 2022

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Hofit Golan’s  (Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel Influencer) interview with Manya Vadehra was quite a refreshing piece. With each question asked, she showcased positivity and the importance of valuing oneself. She won the title of Forbes Influencer of the year (2021) and has walked the ramp for several fashion weeks, including The Paris Fashion week in March 2022. She has modelled for brands such as Elisabetta Franchi and made significant appearances at The Venice Film Festival (2021) and Cannes Film Festival (2021). 

Hofit Golan’s entry into the fashion world was quite “by chance”. The influencer claimed that her first gig came as an opportunity from a relation of hers, trancing her journey as a “fashion entrepreneur”. 

She has actively contributed to organisations such as Global Angels Foundation, an international charity inspiring disadvantaged communities around the world to grow sustainably. According to her- “It is important to look at the bigger things in life. Even though I am an influencer, contributing to the society and maintaining healthy relations is way beyond that”

Health and fitness are essentials in her lifestyle, and she motivates everyone to look after their body and mind and have a positive outlook towards it.

When asked which amongst Runway catwalk, cover shoots and television and film acting she enjoys the most, she reveals- “None out of them. They all are a part of my job but being with my loved ones and meeting new people is what matters the most. I enjoy doing them all as part of my career, however I don’t look at them in the bigger picture”. 

Hofit Golan’s Instagram Bio says she is a Crypto Queen. When asked about NFT and Metaverse, here is what she had to say- “I think cryptocurrency and Metaverse are revolutionary developments in technology. There is massive technological growth and are huge inventions to invest in, especially in today’s era”

Being a public figure and, therefore, shining in the spotlight can also have a negative side in terms of social media trolling. Hofit gives a positive outlook on such situations by saying- “If that is the case, the one stop solution is to simply block people. There is no need to give value to someone’s opinion who you may or may not know. It is not necessary for you to listen to such trolls. Personally, I received trolling way before I entered the space of social media but for those who are facing it, just learn to focus on yourself. Nothing is more important than your personal well-being. Therefore, prioritise that and everything else shall fall in place.”

Hofit’s methods and manners of living life to the fullest are indeed inspiring. Her message to her fans and to the readers of the interview is to believe in themselves and their capabilities. “There is so much that you can do. Just believe that you are on the right path and keep going. You have got this”

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