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Gunja's Inspiring Transition From The Cubicles Into The Realm Of Beauty

by Akshra Khandelwal

August 31, 2023

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One name stands out in digital artistry and creative expression like a radiant star - Gunja. With a charismatic smile that echoes her vibrant energy, Gunja has captured the hearts of many with her awe-inspiring content and impeccable talent. As we sat down for an exclusive interview with the influencer, the candid conversation revealed the essence of her journey, her inspirations, and the secrets behind her undeniable success.

Gunja's Inspiring Transition From The Cubicles Into The Realm Of Beauty

"I'm great. Been working on a bunch of exciting campaigns currently and feeling super grateful," Gunja exclaims with an infectious enthusiasm that mirrors her online persona. The gleam in her eyes tells a story of dedication and devotion to her craft.

Gunja's day unfolds like a perfectly scripted routine, a glimpse into the life of Gunja - her real name. "So I start my day with affirmations, gratitude & exercises, followed by breakfast. I then follow up on emails & head to my studio for shoots. By evening I come back & then have dinner, edit a few videos & then sleep," she narrates, revealing a well-structured rhythm that fuels her creativity.

Her journey as an influencer has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, packed with twists, turns, and leaps of faith. "My journey has definitely been a rollercoaster. I started my page in November 2019 after quitting my high-paying job as I wanted to pursue my passion, beauty. Initially, I was creating videos for fun until it started picking up & eventually, my hard work paid off, leading to me grabbing multiple brand collaborations & now I'm here fulfilling my dreams one by one," Gunja shares, her eyes sparkling with the memories of her transformation.

Gunja's Inspiring Transition From The Cubicles Into The Realm Of Beauty

Among the gems in her crown of content creation are the mesmerising recreations that have captivated her audience's hearts. "As a teenager, I was always fascinated with the makeup of Bollywood celebrities. I always wanted to look like my favourite actress. Then when I started experimenting with makeup, it boosted my confidence to recreate some celebrity-inspired makeup looks, and the kind of love my audience shows for it is impeccable," she explains, revealing the genesis of her creative series that marries art with admiration.

Gunja's playlist holds a melody that resonates deep within her soul. "Who Says" by Selena Gomez is a song she always finds herself returning to. "The lyrics uplift my mood. The song is all about self-confidence & how you shouldn't let anyone else define your worth and know who you actually are," she articulates, her voice carrying the weight of the song's empowering message.

The delicate art of balance is a skill that Gunja has perfected. "It's simple. By not rushing & stressing over. Also, by setting blocks of time for each task & practising mindfulness," she states, a glimpse into the poise that underlies her creative chaos.

Gunja's Inspiring Transition From The Cubicles Into The Realm Of Beauty

For aspiring creators who seek to follow in her footsteps, Gunja has a golden nugget of advice. "Be patient, consistent & moreover, believe in yourself and don't give up," she imparts, words that echo like a mantra for those treading the path of dreams.

But Gunja's message to the world transcends the digital canvas and touches the heart of the human experience. "Pay attention to your thoughts, think outside the box, find peace within yourself & have a generous heart," she concludes, her words a testament to the profound wisdom she has gained on her journey.

As our conversation draws to a close, it's evident that Gunja is more than an influencer; she is a beacon of inspiration, a symbol of resilience, and a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions. Peppered with challenges and triumphs, her journey is a testament that every creation is a canvas for the soul's expression. In the world of pixels and algorithms, Gunja shines as a reminder that behind every profile is a tapestry of dreams waiting to be woven into reality.

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