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How Fashion Shapes and Represents Our Identity

by Yashi Srivastava

December 14, 2022

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From the stores we visit to the colors that we pick to wear, everything is influenced by our individual personality. While fashion certainly gets us moving towards what’s trending in the current world, it also gets us closer to who we really are by helping us find our own sense of style. 

It is that simple and it is that complicated - to understand fashion and find our true selves in and with it. 

So, how does fashion shape and represent our identity? 

Let’s try and understand. 

How Fashion Shapes and Represents Our Identity

Fashion and age 

You will see a 15-year old dressed in the fashion of a 50-year old one day and come across a 40-something woman dressed as a k-pop idol in her 20s. Well, it completely depends on the mental or chosen age of the person that how they want to present themselves through their fashion. 

Many teenagers love wearing sneakers and accessories while a lot of them prefer to adorn baggy jeans with loose T-shirts. In a social event, no two people of the same age will dress the same. Woman A would come in a little black dress while woman B would wear a shimmer top with boyfriend jeans. 

How Fashion Shapes and Represents Our Identity

Fashion and gender

The identity surrounding men and women's fashion is another way fashion shapes and represents us. For example, skirts are for women and pants for men. Make-up is only for women while men cannot wear mascara even if they want! 

If you notice, fashion represents our identities as male and female, even though the world is awakening and the boundary between gender according to gender is fading. 

Thanks to men in fashion, art, and music, who are challenging the gender norms in fashion and bringing more fluidity and flexibility to it. Also, the LGBTQ+ communities, who are challenging it all, from fashion to acceptance - the world is waking up for good!

So, shoutout to men who love to wear lipsticks and women who want to adorn business suits all the time - it is your era and you can shape fashion according to your identity however you want!

How Fashion Shapes and Represents Our Identity

Fashion and values 

When a female crosses the age of 13 or 14, she starts receiving the programming of dressing modestly. Well, most of them, so they do not become the object of sexuality- the reality is far from it but you get what I mean, right? 

Most women grow up in modest fashion so they do not draw attention to them whereas men can walk around however they want. 

The fashion where women must cover their skins with long skirts and full tops reflects the value of not just an individual buy an entire culture. However, the times are changing and we, as human beings, need to understand that fashion and culture may go hand in hand but it doesn't have to be as per the norms, but individual choice of men and women both. 

How Fashion Shapes and Represents Our Identity

Fashion is a unique way to tell the world about who we are as human beings. It lets us communicate or in some ways, scream, our individuality to the world. So, why wait for the world to allow us to be who we are? So, go ahead, and try a new fashion today and if it resonates with your individuality, keep the trend. 

Fashion is more than just a style statement; it boasts of your identity and individuality.

Blob - How many times have you wanted to try a new piece of clothing or a footwear simply because you thought it speaks to you, or suits your personality? Well, this is how fashion shapes you and if you continue experimenting with it, it will soon become a part of your identity. 

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