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The Road To Independence Is Paved With More Than Just Likes, Said Deeksha Gupta

by Akshra Khandelwal

September 4, 2023

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In the ever-evolving realm of social media, where the pursuit of authenticity and success often converge, a vibrant star emerges whose journey is as inspiring as it is genuine. Deeksha Gupta, the name that has been weaving its way into the digital tapestry, welcomed us into her world for a candid conversation about her rise as an influencer, the transformative power of collaborations, and the unwavering drive to stay true to oneself.

With a refreshing blend of humility and ambition, Deeksha unveiled her story, reflecting on the rollercoaster of "almost" blooming days that shaped her path. From her humble beginnings with around 40,000 followers, she made it clear that her focus was always on authenticity. "I never want to do collaborations, and I like posting whatever I feel like that shows the real me," she often told her close circle. Yet, fate had its plans.

The Road To Independence Is Paved With More Than Just Likes, Said Deeksha Gupta

A turning point emerged when Deeksha decided to leap of faith and say yes to her first brand collaboration. The outcome was beyond her expectations, as she pocketed a considerable 10,000 units of her chosen currency. The impact was profound – a newfound sense of independence and the pride of making her parents' hearts swell with joy ignited a relentless fire within her.

As we sipped our chosen beverages, Deeksha playfully shared her signature style and described her as an ode to comfort with a hint of style. "It has to be a white top and dark blue denim or shorts. But let's not forget those essential cycling shorts – they're an absolute must. Comfort shouldn't compromise style," she quipped.

Moving beyond the fashion realm, Deeksha invited us into her fitness journey. With a disciplined approach, she embraced a weekly "push, pull, & legs" routine, while her abs found their strength through a dedicated circuit routine. But it wasn't all about physical prowess; Deeksha's sanctuary lay in the moments of unwinding that marked her day's end.

"I believe that the moments of unwinding are sacred," Deeksha shared with a smile that held the wisdom of experience. She detailed her cherished ritual with an almost poetic description – stepping into her room, shedding the layers of makeup, and engaging in heartfelt conversations with her confidantes over a call. "It's my favorite part of the day," she admitted, "a time when I can truly be myself and recharge."

The Road To Independence Is Paved With More Than Just Likes, Said Deeksha Gupta

Deeksha's love for skincare emerged as a common thread during these serene moments. The diligent application of creams and serums was complemented by a central ritual that spoke volumes about her character – tidying her room. "It may sound 'small,' I guess," she mused, "but I find it essential. Going to bed with everything in order sets the tone for the next day."

The conversation turned toward aspirations, and Deeksha's eyes lit up with a dream she had been nurturing. "I want to collaborate with Dyson," she confessed. The aim was more than just a product acquisition; it was a testament to her determination and vision of success. "I could buy it, sure," she acknowledged, "but there's something magical about collaborating with a brand that resonates with you."

Deeksha's journey, marked by dedication and a desire to prove herself, has been punctuated by challenges and lessons. "I learned this the hard way," she reflected, "but giving up or losing heart is never an option." She cautioned against getting carried away by fleeting successes, urging fellow content creators to persist even when the metrics seem unfavourable. "Keep creating content regardless of the engagement. It'll always be you versus you," she affirmed.

As our conversation drew close, Deeksha shared her vision for the future – driven by kindness and grounded in humility. "I look forward to being kinder and down-to-earth," she said, her eyes gleaming with resolve. "Making my loved ones proud is what fuels my spirit."

In the realm of influencers, where facades can be as captivating as they are deceiving, Deeksha Gupta stands out as a beacon of authenticity. Her journey, shaped by triumphs and trials, is an inspiring reminder that success is not just about numbers but the relentless pursuit of one's passions. With her heart set on the horizon, Deeksha Gupta continues to carve her unique path, reminding us that the journey is as important as the destination and that staying true to oneself is the most potent influence.

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