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Five ways to make your commute enjoyable!

by Aishwarya

November 4, 2022

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Commuting to work is one of the most universally despised of all the things that give us tension and anxiety — a heavy workload, financial difficulties, and a cluttered home, to mention a few. During the pandemic, millions of people were able to forego long commutes in exchange for a short stroll to their computers. Now that firms are bringing remote workers back to the office, the prospect of dealing with rush-hour traffic or crowded public transportation can leave workers mentally and physically exhausted before they even leave the house. Let’s see five ways to make your daily commute more enjoyable. 

Discover Something New:

Do you have to keep your eyes on the road? Look for audiobooks or podcasts in your field. "When I started a new job, it required some different skills, so I listened to audiobooks about topics like leadership and agile methodology," says Juliya Margolin, a director of product development at Prudential who commutes by car from Brooklyn to the company's headquarters in Newark—a trip that takes at least an hour. Seek advice from coworkers or mentors, and embrace learning on several platforms. "Audio is a terrific method for me to diversify how I consume information," explains Margolin. "I read on a computer most of the time." Listening allows me to immerse myself in a subject in a new and enriching way." 

Change Your Travel Schedule:

Instead of attempting to navigate New York City's peak rush-hour traffic from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m., Margolin leaves her Brooklyn home at about 8:30 a.m. and arrives at work in less time and with significantly less stress. Despite her later start time, she arrives at a respectable 9:30 AM. "My team is more concerned with getting things done than with face time," Margolin explains. "Some days, I have to come in for 8:30 or 9 a.m. meetings, but I'm flexible when necessary and utilise my judgement as to which meetings are critical." Margolin follows the same technique after the day, departing a little later, after 6 PM, to avoid the 4:30 to 6 PM traffic jam. 

Make a plan:

Experiment with different driving routes and commuting days and hours. Take note of peak traffic times and plan your route accordingly. Plan your commute to the workplace on off-peak days and hours if you have the option of working a flexible remote or hybrid schedule. You can also cut your commute time by avoiding peak hours. After work, run errands, go to the gym or business fitness centre, or join a recreational sports team near your office. You'll get some workouts and maybe even meet some new people!

Bring snacks:

Don't drive hangry! If you're hungry or thirsty in the afternoon, a traffic standstill is much more annoying. Keep protein snacks or bottles of water in their trunk or your desk drawer at work for a quick pick-me-up before getting behind the wheel.

Reduce screen time:

Most of us already spend a significant portion of our day staring at a screen. If you take public transportation, try taking a break from your screen. Non-digital material such as a book, magazine, or even an old-fashioned crossword puzzle might help you work other areas of your brain and minimise fatigue. To calm your thoughts, listen to a podcast, music, or relaxing sounds.

During the pandemic, millions of people were able to forego long commutes in exchange for a short stroll to their computers.

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