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    By Anushka Sharma Balmain Beauty’s Luxurious Fragrance Experience Set To Debut In September 2024 28 February 2024 FASHION Advertisement By Rinni Pathak The Take Off Of A Flight Connecting Emirates And NBA 16 February 2024 TRAVEL By Sapna Panchal Unveiling Delights Of Hotel Palazzo Versace Gem Of Dubai 7 February 2024 TRAVEL By Anushka Sharma Unraveling The Luxurious Tapestry: A Journey Through The History Of Cashmere 27 February 2024 FASHION by Anushka Sharma Agatha Maksimova - The Rising Star Illuminating Cannes Film Festival 23 May 2023 COVER STORIES SEARCH LIFESTYLE 6 Disadvantages Of Being Pretty FASHION Colour Psychology In Fashion: Explained FASHION Fashion In The 19th Century FASHION K-Pop Fashion And Its Impact On Global Wardrobe FASHION The Influence Of Kanye West On Fashion POPULAR POSTS By Rini Pathak Unveiling The City Of Extravagance With Palazzo Versace Dubai 13 February 2024 TRAVEL by Anushka Sharma Agatha Maksimova - The Rising Star Illuminating Cannes Film Festival 23 May 2023 COVER STORIES By Anushka Sharma Into The Realm Of Extravaganza That Is Sachin & Babi 21 February 2024 FASHION Advertisement Advertisement By Rini Pathak Fly In Elegance With Qatar Airways And Avail Exclusive Offers 20 February 2024 TRAVEL by Akshra Khandelwal Breitling's Endurance Pro IRONMAN Watches - Your Ultimate Journey Companion 18 August 2023 LIFESTYLE By Rinni Pathak Surrounded By The Zenith Of Luxury; Palazzo Versace Dubai 19 February 2024 TRAVEL Advertisement 101 Influencers Of The Year Limited Edition 2023 L'utopia Magazine Buy Now Advertisement Subscribe to our newsletter Email* Join the L'utopia Magazine newsletter now to stay up to date on all things fashion, lifestyle, food, travel and new releases! Join Our Mailing List Advertisement

  • The Road To Independence Is Paved With More Than Just Likes, Said Deeksha Gupta

    by Akshra Khandelwal The Road To Independence Is Paved With More Than Just Likes, Said Deeksha Gupta 4 September 2023 FASHION Advertisement Advertisement In the ever-evolving realm of social media, where the pursuit of authenticity and success often converge, a vibrant star emerges whose journey is as inspiring as it is genuine. Deeksha Gupta, the name that has been weaving its way into the digital tapestry, welcomed us into her world for a candid conversation about her rise as an influencer, the transformative power of collaborations, and the unwavering drive to stay true to oneself. With a refreshing blend of humility and ambition, Deeksha unveiled her story, reflecting on the rollercoaster of "almost" blooming days that shaped her path. From her humble beginnings with around 40,000 followers, she made it clear that her focus was always on authenticity. "I never want to do collaborations, and I like posting whatever I feel like that shows the real me," she often told her close circle. Yet, fate had its plans. A turning point emerged when Deeksha decided to leap of faith and say yes to her first brand collaboration. The outcome was beyond her expectations, as she pocketed a considerable 10,000 units of her chosen currency. The impact was profound – a newfound sense of independence and the pride of making her parents' hearts swell with joy ignited a relentless fire within her. As we sipped our chosen beverages, Deeksha playfully shared her signature style and described her as an ode to comfort with a hint of style. "It has to be a white top and dark blue denim or shorts. But let's not forget those essential cycling shorts – they're an absolute must. Comfort shouldn't compromise style," she quipped. Moving beyond the fashion realm, Deeksha invited us into her fitness journey. With a disciplined approach, she embraced a weekly "push, pull, & legs" routine, while her abs found their strength through a dedicated circuit routine. But it wasn't all about physical prowess; Deeksha's sanctuary lay in the moments of unwinding that marked her day's end. "I believe that the moments of unwinding are sacred," Deeksha shared with a smile that held the wisdom of experience. She detailed her cherished ritual with an almost poetic description – stepping into her room, shedding the layers of makeup, and engaging in heartfelt conversations with her confidantes over a call. "It's my favorite part of the day," she admitted, "a time when I can truly be myself and recharge." Deeksha's love for skincare emerged as a common thread during these serene moments. The diligent application of creams and serums was complemented by a central ritual that spoke volumes about her character – tidying her room. "It may sound 'small,' I guess," she mused, "but I find it essential. Going to bed with everything in order sets the tone for the next day." The conversation turned toward aspirations, and Deeksha's eyes lit up with a dream she had been nurturing. "I want to collaborate with Dyson," she confessed. The aim was more than just a product acquisition; it was a testament to her determination and vision of success. "I could buy it, sure," she acknowledged, "but there's something magical about collaborating with a brand that resonates with you." Deeksha's journey, marked by dedication and a desire to prove herself, has been punctuated by challenges and lessons. "I learned this the hard way," she reflected, "but giving up or losing heart is never an option." She cautioned against getting carried away by fleeting successes, urging fellow content creators to persist even when the metrics seem unfavourable. "Keep creating content regardless of the engagement. It'll always be you versus you," she affirmed. As our conversation drew close, Deeksha shared her vision for the future – driven by kindness and grounded in humility. "I look forward to being kinder and down-to-earth," she said, her eyes gleaming with resolve. "Making my loved ones proud is what fuels my spirit." In the realm of influencers, where facades can be as captivating as they are deceiving, Deeksha Gupta stands out as a beacon of authenticity. Her journey, shaped by triumphs and trials, is an inspiring reminder that success is not just about numbers but the relentless pursuit of one's passions. With her heart set on the horizon, Deeksha Gupta continues to carve her unique path, reminding us that the journey is as important as the destination and that staying true to oneself is the most potent influence. 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  • The orientation of career in our country

    by Aparajita Jaiswal The orientation of career in our country 1 June 2021 SOCIETY Advertisement Advertisement Why does India wish to be a Two faction system? Doctors and engineers. Indian society as is known to most of us shows complete dominance over the personal choices of individuals such as career choice, mental health, marriage decision, what should be done or not, opinions and whatnot. The preliminary infusion of career choice in our country is only limited to two professions. Either be a doctor or become an engineer, only then can a person’s life commemorate a moment of success. Although, in this case, we cannot blame the older generation or our ancestors for instilling us with this faction system. If we go back three decades, we could see that there were no such pressures on children to choose out of such choices. The primary reason was that at that time the financial condition of most people used to be very mediocre. They could barely manage the education and livelihood of their family. Thus noble professions such as being a doctor or engineer were a luxury then. The people chose the profession according to the status of their family. So, this economic issue was one of the barriers in earlier times to go for their dream path. The other reason that crippled people from going towards their dream job is nepotism. The notion that children should follow their parents footpath. These issues still stay in society on the metaphorical level. The point here is to understand that even though society is adamant in pressurizing people to change their choices, initially it had some valid and credible reasons as given above. Nepotism is wrong but anyhow the career path is for betterment. The economic reason however is the fault of the other consequences. These two things, although unfair, seem credible. But the fact that only two professions in the whole herd of it can make life successful is so wrong. The two faction system came into existence a decade back where industrialization seemed to uplift the job scale of engineers. Whereas the recent developments in medical sciences lured students to help save some lives. In the initial phase, it was okay, but then students flooded in for enrolling. This created issues for institutions as they had limited numbers of seats. This prompted the creation of a competitive examination. Some time period went smoothly after this. But later on, there was this race to clear these competitive exams to get admissions, which still prevails to this very day. This created a new Industry for the economy, the industry of coaching classes. The situation is such in the country now that everyone only talks about these two exams which either lead to a career in the medical field or the technical field. This has led to the lynching of other careers. In case anyone doesn’t go ahead on these two so-called noble professions, then they are expected to pursue civil services. These are the frameworks that society has lined up for careers, anyone going beyond this threshold value is stupid according to society. The reason is so uncertain for those activities, was it because earlier times they couldn’t pursue medical or engineering, is it because you want your child to leave their dream to pursue something that would make it socially acceptable, is it because you want to keep your dominion over your child all their lives, the reason is unknown. But one thing is sure that those two professions are not your only choices. it also should be known that those two entrances also work at some places to get a better bachelors college. They are not just tickets to medical or engineering. This hidden thing no one knows. No one knows that our country’s research institute also invite people from higher secondary into a BS-MS program. Everyone just gets dejected and chooses a local college for bachelors, and even after that, this doesn’t end. There is no proper cycling up of information regarding plans, masters entrances, etc. This shows that as a country we are not providing our youth with enough information but subjecting them to a bundle of discretion. Many youtube channels have started speaking about this, but as a society, we need to break out of these two factions. We have to understand the happiness of our children, one can paint, write, talk or dance as a career there should not be any indulgence. Even if people go for other professions equal respect should be paid to everyone. It must be known that diversity is the only thing that holds fast throughout all time, a faction system fails when catastrophe comes from all sides. Thus, be aware and make everyone aware. You have the potential to become whatever you want. 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