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by Anadi Gupta

July 27, 2020

Anxiety feels different for everyone. Its symptoms can last for a long time, or come and go. Anxiety is tough, not just for the people that have it but also for those who are stuck with them. It is understandably confusing at times. So, here are some things for you to remember when being with someone with anxiety.

No one likes to be defined by the one fault that they have in themselves. They are more than their anxiety. If you really want to care and do something for a person suffering from anxiety then always make them realize that you appreciate the individual going through this phase and you really want to be supportive towards them. It can make them exhausted easily. It causes people to live in hypertension as they get overwhelmed and sad very quickly. Because of hypertension their mind always stays unstable and their body stays highly activated and all of this causes fatigue.

If you see someone panicking then at that time they don’t want you to ask if they are fine or not because you already know the answer. The best way to help them at the time is listen to their needs and if they ask you to leave them alone, just leave them alone without forcing them to react furthermore.

They don’t always express but they appreciate you sticking by them. They know you are not supposed to deal with their irrationality but you are still sticking by them. They know their reactions can be very hurtful and hard for you to digest and there can be a few things that you like to do but you are not able to do them because of them.

There is one thing which affects the person with anxiety and the people around them and that is they over think situations a lot, almost everything. Results of over thinking may end in hurting the people around them. But they know your value no matter how subtle their responses are. Over thinking causes many misunderstandings between people. It can happen because of the traumatic incidents they have faced in the past. It is harder for them to let go of things as easily as people not dealing with anxiety can.

Changes can be very difficult for the individuals with anxiety. Everybody has a comfort zone and getting out of it is very difficult even if it may seem normal. When they face a big change, it can take them a lot longer to settle back down and handle situations like before and deal with that zone again. You just need to be a little more patient and understanding while dealing with those suffering from anxiety. They are doing their best and are trying their best.

Sometimes all it takes is a person who can listen to them carefully without any judgments or opinions as it becomes easier to communicate if they feel protected with you. They are very well known from the fact that their anxieties are irrational but it does not stop them from worrying. Sometimes due to anxiety and panic attacks a person can be very exhausted and it can be possible that they would need some time alone and you may have to understand the fact that they are not ignoring you while doing that. They sometimes just need some time for themselves, to understand and ponder upon their self-worth and what they are doing in life.

Sometimes it can be possible that when you are telling them incidents very excitedly but they could not pay attention and you can’t feel their presence in that moment. It is not their fault as because of the instability of their brain they have a tougher time concentrating.

It’s completely all right to be a person who suffers from anxiety. It does not define anyone. It can be a struggle at times but what matters the most is how you fight against it and how you come out at the other end. That is what makes a person stronger than anybody else. It is not your weakness. Individuals with anxieties are the same as other people. They have fun, like adventures and experience the same feelings and things as everybody else. There are times when things get difficult but these were a few tips on taking care of someone you love who also deals with anxiety.

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