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Why is being Real underrated?

by Aparajita Jaiswal

July 16, 2021

Contemporary times arranged our lives and turned it to be a lot easier, organised and captivated. Many of us have an impeccable life in real life but people leading a different life are expected to always look good on parade which intentionally leads to deceiving their own conscience. Having an engaged and often organised life is charming, in today’s times. Nevertheless, all of us can’t possess the same thing. Neither we need to be pretentious of the reality, we are trying really hard to settle in.

Every day when we wake up, we have a gruelling fight to win. Life throws uncountable targets on us either professional, emotional, or may be related to our family or relationships. And the majority of us work hard with both our body and soul to accomplish those targets. At times our own high standards become unreachable. Yet every day teaches us a lesson. Wise men learn, move on and never look back because we are neither competing with others nor are we a part of any race, organised by the society, being its Jury.

Remember! When babies are born, they are born with their own blessings and short-comings. And since then, we have been building a life of our own. We succeed, we fail, we learn, we let go but we grow because There are no failures, only outcomes, as long as I learn Something, I am succeeding. We all encounter many hassles in life with respect to mental and physical health, appearances, standards of living, comparative status or more but at the very least we should cherish that we are learning and succeeding.

A long life is awaited…

Start your journey with the hard work you expose.

You shall reap what you ought to sow.

Pull off the unreal mask you have on your face.

Show to the world, true warriors are you, in the race.!

It’s about time when individuals shall learn to embrace the scars they are born with or have earned in the journey to reach where they are right now. My two cents here, we should at the minimum spare a minute to understand the beauty of individuals we are moving along, of the people we vicariously live through and of the people we are inspired from. Potentially then we can see right through their perfect personality, the scars they are embracing to be Strong, Fierce, Smart, Gracious, Live, Empathetic and Charming.

Every individual has built a historical personality from their lives which was inevitably arduous and exceptionally perfect. And, we are able to build an exceptionally impeccable life because we never underrated our reality of being perfect in our imperfections, strong in our failures, real in this very unreal underrated world.

“Don’t look back to what others have,

Build your own unique real self.

Perfections are underrated,

Impeccable is the journey you live in.”

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