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Pack Up and Travel

by Neha Pande

September 1, 2020

Humans are wandering and social animals, exploring and discovering is in our blood and is something inborn in our system. Travelling is all about exploring and whether or not you agree you must have a strong desire to travel somewhere and get out of your comfort zone so here is your chance to discover places to visit.

Find Peace in Ladakh

Ladakh with its beautiful almost supernatural sceneries have captured tourists across the globe.. The spectacularly jagged ranges enfold the magical kingdom of Ladakh with picture perfect Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, Colourful fluttering prayer flags hung across with the laden cold desert welcoming us to peace, Ladakh is the place yet to be touched by high technology and is a beautifully peaceful place to be.

Mystical Northern Lights

Northern lights are the mystical dance of the celestial lights up in the air of the northern sky with colours ranging from shades of emerald green to blue and at times with touch of gold and hues of pink. The phenomenon is so magical that it attracts people and even scientists from around the globe. There are a few places from where the Northern lights can be seen but Norway is said to be the best by various visitors. The beautiful landscape of Norway has a history of Vikings and legends, maybe the Northern lights tells the story of the long-gone Vikings and Valkyries, maybe give Norway a visit to find out yourself.

Hike up to Machu Picchu

Take a hike back to history and visit the archaeological landscape of Machu Picchu also known as “The Lost City of The Incas”. The historical city located in Peru is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The hike up is challenging but as challenging as the hike is the scenery makes up for it, early morning Machu Picchu is a sight to be marvelled at, the misty ranges and beautiful Incas sunrise is phenomenal.

Go Find someone in the “City of Love”

Paris, also known as the “City of Love” is famous not only for Eiffel Tower but also for its poetic references on love and its delicious pastries. The beautiful architecture of the city and its caring people have attracted tourists, writers, poets and many more. Paris is also a City known for its fashion and shopping in Paris is something to be experienced once in a lifetime.

Flower Tunnel of Japan

Japan is known for its forward thinking, anime, manga, Pokémon and technology but it is also known for its cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. After a 2 hour long drive away from the high-tech city of Tokyo you can find one of the most serene and beautiful place in Japan, Wisteria Flower Tunnel a tranquil walkway lined with Wisteria Flowers over 20 acres, the scenery seems as if its straight out of a fairy-tale which makes it a top picnic spot for couples making their special time magical.

Take a Drive through Route 66

Obviously, Route 66 is not a destination but a scenic route that was constructed in 1920’s as one of the first cross country highways in America. The iconic road stretches from Chicago to L.A (Los Angeles), ending in Santa Monica at the edge of Pacific Ocean. The route is iconic due to the beautifully created architectural marvels alongside the route. Route 66 harbours some of the most original roadside diners, quirky attractions and beautiful views of the Midwest plains and western mountain ranges.

Winter Wonderland of Iceland

Iceland is a Winter Wonderland and is absolutely opposite from its name as Iceland is not full of ice and buried in snow but is beautifully luscious and green with a heritage of Vikings and Warriors. Just like Norway, Iceland is also one of the Nordic Countries from where the Northern Lights can be seen dancing across the sky. Iceland is also famous of its hot water springs which are said to be rejuvenating and can make even an old man dance. The country is a place for every nature lover to be, a Nordic nirvana and an environmental wonder to explore.

Pyramids of Giza

Egypt and its Pyramids comes under the Ancient Wonders of the World and has a great historical significance. The perfect pyramids and forward thinking of the Ancient Egyptians have even the brightest of minds baffled over its history, some even calling it (the Pyramid of Giza) a marvel built by Aliens but one has to visit the place to find out yourself as it’s a trip of a lifetime. The Pharos and the Gods await you Travellers!

The Roman Empire

You must have heard about the Great Roman Empire, Julius Caesar or the artist and scientist born in Italy, if you have then the place might hold significance in your life or at least intrigued you in some way. Italy is a place of love, creativity and family making it the best spot for families and couples. With its enticing food, homey nature of the citizens, beautiful renaissance architecture and beaches, it has attracted millions of tourists across the globe. From the beautifully designed Cathedrals to the relaxed Italian atmosphere, Italia has a lot to offer so, maybe go take a siesta and fiesta in Italy.

Antarctica the ice crowned wonder

Ever thought about visiting the cold glaciers of Antarctica? Maybe you just thought it was impossible to do so, but no my friend Antarctica is open for tourists. The place might be chilly but none the less its beautiful abode of crisp snow covering the entire region which is a beautiful scene in itself and not to mention the cute yet scary Polar bears or the Snow white Antarctic Foxes or the migrating sea birds, Antarctic Wildlife has a lot to offer and we are open to exploration!


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