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Safest Countries For LGBTQ+ Travellers

by Priti Sharma

February 17, 2023

While things have been significantly simpler for LGBTQ+ travelers in recent years, it doesn't imply they are always simple. Members of the LGBTQ+ community should research local laws, morality laws, and incidents of sexually motivated violence and discrimination before making travel plans because public perception doesn't necessarily mirror the law. It can be difficult to be born this way, but whether you're trans, bi, lesbian, queer, or gay, traveling shouldn't be a source of worry. It might be challenging to determine which vacation spots are appropriate and secure for LGBTQ+ tourists. While there is no way to ensure safety, you may take measures and research the locations you are visiting to learn about their LGBTQ+ related legislation, social views about sexual minorities, the size of the LGBTQ+ community there, and how they are supported.

There are LGBTQ+ safe nations throughout Europe, North America, Oceania, Africa, Asia, and South America where it's acceptable to just be you. These are some of the greatest destinations for LGBTQ+ travelers since they provide crucial fundamental rights and safeguards for queer and trans people, such as marriage equality, constitutional protections, and hate-crime penalties for intentional harm. Worldwide, 31 nations have legalized homosexual marriage, and several others have approved pro-LGBTQ+ legislation. 

For individuals who just want peace of mind while on vacation and don't want to worry, we have saved you time by compiling a list of our top 5 safest vacation spots for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. If you're interested in learning more about a different location, do read till the end and know how safe and welcoming it is for you.

Sitges, Spain

It's easy to understand why this is one of the top LGBTQ+ tourism destinations in Europe. Sitges is a stunning city with pristine beaches, cobblestone streets lined with charming cafés and pubs, and a sizable LGBTQ+ culture, located about an hour outside of Barcelona. Additionally, there are year-round regular activities that attract LGBTQ+ visitors to this seaside resort, such as the sizable Pride celebrations that include gay parties on the beaches. Sitges has risen to rival Barcelona as the top homosexual tourism destination in Spain, despite Barcelona's neighbor's famed gay neighborhood of Eixample frequently being considered first.


Vancouver, Canada

When it comes to inclusivity for all minorities, including sexual minorities, Canada is renowned for being one of the most progressive nations in the world. A beautiful metropolitan city with a background of craggy, snowy mountains, Vancouver is home to a thriving LGBTQ community with a variety of gay-friendly hotels, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. Davie Village, the center of the LGBTQ community in Vancouver, is the ideal place for gay and lesbian visitors to go and feel secure and at home. It is vibrant, open, and inviting.


Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, recognized as the LGBTQ center of Greece, is ideal for tourists seeking breathtaking scenery, lovely beaches, charming little towns, and a vibrant homosexual lifestyle. Due to its loving reputation and inclusivity, this Greek Island is frequently picked by LGBTQ tourists as their honeymoon location. However, Mykonos Town is a fantastic destination for lone travelers because of its vibrant gay party culture, which is full of clubs and plenty of like-minded individuals to meet and make friends with. If you prefer to soak up the sun and go swimming, this island is home to some of the greatest LGBT beaches, so you should explore them. 


Miami, Key West, and Palm Springs, USA

In terms of sexual minorities, these cities are among the safest and most diverse in the US. Both of these locations are well-known for having sizable gay and lesbian populations and are excellent choices for anyone who wants to go a long way to warmer climates. For those seeking a busy atmosphere combined with plenty of sun, the gay 12th Street beach in Miami draws out the bronzed and attractive. Key West is a fantastic LGBTQ vacation spot because it has a long history of serving homosexual travelers wishing to unwind and take it easy. Palm Springs is also the location of the biggest lesbian party in the world, Dinah, as well as the greatest collection of hotels for men and women alone in the whole globe. Since we couldn't choose just one, we'll treat them all as one. 


French Polynesia

One of the most picturesque, serene, and lovely locations on Earth is French Polynesia, which is also one of the friendliest, most inclusive places on the planet. There have never been any laws in French Polynesia prohibiting same-sex relationships, and LGBTQ visitors are given the same privileges as heterosexuals. Perhaps one of the world's most opulent travel destinations is the lovely Bora Bora. The notions of gender identification in this society differ greatly from those in western culture, and Tahitian tradition actually acknowledges a third gender termed "Rae Rae," which refers to males who were reared as women. For same-sex couples searching for a romantic trip, wedding, or honeymoon location where they can be honest about who they are, this makes it the ideal place for everyone in the community.

A variety of variables, such as societal changes in politics, culture, religion, or economic conditions, might affect how people feel about the gay community. Therefore, do your homework and check with current professional sources to learn how LGBTQ-friendly the destination you have in mind is before making travel plans.


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