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The Jewels Of Europe

by Himanshi Sharma

February 26, 2023

‘Construction of Europe is an art. It is the art of the possible’ - Jacques Chirac

Concerned about your travel plans? Looking for something zesty? Do not worry, we have you covered.

The Peninsula of Peninsulas, from the smallest village on Earth to the largest Church, from a nation without mosquitoes to discovering the ‘big 5’ animals - Europe is rich with odd and humorous facts. One could wonder, where in such a lovely yet humongous continent they might go for exploring. This article is sure to serve as your reference if you wish to visit the finest cities of the continent. 

The 10 Jewels of Europe 

1. Florence, Italy 


A go-to place for all literature enthusiasts. A haven where Literature speaks to you in the words of art, architecture and archives. Renowned birthplace of Renaissance with a turbulent political history, a perfect blend for someone who is keen on learning Humanities and Politics. Furthermore, it was the capital of Italy as well as the capital for pianists. It is rich in fashion, music, literature and ancient sites recognized by UNESCO. 

Tourist Attractions - 

1. Uffizi Gallery (an art museum with Renaissance masterpiece) 

2. Ponte Vecchio (medieval stone bridge with jewelry shops) 

3. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (medieval cathedral with iconic red dome) 

2. Paris, France 


‘Paris is always a good idea’ 

Paris, the capital of France is regarded as one of the most romantic cities of the continent. It is also known as ‘Ville de Lumière’ i.e, city of lights. It is regarded as a global center for art, literature, gastronomy and fashion. The city is home to well-known companies like Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, etc. Both the museums and the cafes have beautiful architecture that reflects the city's aristocracy. Additionally, the city has a specially created McDonald's that is precisely constructed to match local fashion and trends. 

Tourist Attractions - 

1. Eiffel Tower (one of the biggest landmarks) 

2. Louvre Museum (well-known for the Mona Lisa painting) 

3. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (gothic museum) 

3. Barcelona, Spain 


Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, offers an unmatched quality of life, gorgeous beaches, a thriving nightlife, amazing architecture, and a culture that is just as stunning as the surroundings

of the city. Remarkably, Barcelona is the only city in the world to receive a Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects for architecture. Moreover, it is the home to the largest football stadium in Europe. All of the football fans that support the home team call it their home as well. 

Tourist Attractions: 

1. La Sagrada Familia (gaudi-designed landmark Church) 

2. La Pedrera-Casa Milà (housing arts venue) 

3. Park Güell (a park with sculptural buildings) 

4. Istanbul, Turkey 


Culturally and historically rich, Istanbul has been ruled by various emperors before. A straddling city between two continents, a capital of 3 empires, a city where culture and history makes you fall in love with the ever existing poetry, art, palaces and parks. Its cultural diversity, which is best exemplified by the city's religion and architecture, is a result of its history as the capital of three different empires. Intriguingly, Istanbul is well-known for its distinctive lifestyle that is compatible with its geographic location, making it ideal for tourism. 

Tourist Attractions: 

1. Hagia Sophia (Byzantine Mosque) 

2. Grand Bazaar (covered daily markets) 

3. The Blue Mosque (an ideal mosque with 6 minarets) 

4. Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts (masterpieces of Turk and Islam Arts) 

5. Oslo, Norway 


Oslo is also referred to as Norway's vibrant capital and the ideal location for lovers of walking and trekking. The city is surrounded by hills covered in forest and woodland, and it is incredibly picturesque. a perfect location for people seeking tranquility. Oslo is renowned for its baroque architecture, which reflects the history, political movements, as well as the city's culture and legacy. 

Tourist Attractions: 

1. The Vigeland Park (park and museum of Vigeland’s sculpture) 

2. The Royal Palace 

3. Viking Ship Museum 

4. Sognsvann for hiking 

6. Rome, Italy 


A historic city with numerous tourist attractions including museums and historic sites like the Vatican City, Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. A city where the architect discoveries were made which are still used. More than its history, it is renowned for its outstanding artistic current, delectable cuisine, and a record-breaking film industry. People often say that you either love Rome or hate it however, you inevitably end up falling in love with it.

Tourist Attractions: 

1. Pantheon (Roman church) 

2. St. Peter’s Basilica 

3. Spanish Steps (Baroque architecture) 

4. Sistine Chapel (Michelangelo's painted ceiling) 

7. Dublin, Ireland 


Dublin (black pool) is a warm and welcoming city. It is not only the home to cultural heritage, pubs, bookstores and cemeteries but also the home to one of the biggest parks of Europe called the Phoenix Park after Central Park. One of the best tourist attractions of Ireland called the Guinness Storehouse is located in the heart of Dublin. It is the perfect destination for beer connoisseurs as the entire process of brewery and tasting is undertaken at the storehouse. 

Tourist Attractions: 

1. National Gallery of Ireland 

2. Guinness Storehouse 

3. Dublin Castle 

8. Budapest, Hungary 


Budapest is the ideal vacation spot for pleasure and relaxation in combination with the best elements of mass media, art, literature, gastronomy, commerce, finance, business, science, and technology. It is known as the spa capital and is well-known for both its beautiful Parliament building and its underground caves. Budapest is a fantastic destination for tourists because of its incredible nightlife, classical literature and art, and distinctly beautiful environment. 

Tourist Attractions: 

1. Fisherman's Bastion (incredible city view) 

2. Hungarian Parliament 

3. Chain Bridge 

4. Heroes’ Square 

9. Venice, Italy 


Venice is equally as rich in culture and literature as Florence. The Opera House, Grand Canal, beautiful boating, and antique heritage buildings make it the ideal romantic retreat. Venice, often known as the "City of Canals" or "The Floating City," is one of the most distinctive cities on the continent to visit because of its islands and carnival celebrations. From June until September is the ideal season to explore the city. 

Tourist Attractions: 

1. Grand Canal 

2. Rialto Bridge 

3. Bridge of Sighs

10. Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

Right from the fairytales, Amsterdam is breathtaking with its canals, forts and palaces. It is advisable to stay at modern yet charming and ancient hotels in order to feel the exquisite nature. The city is best suited for history lovers given the historic legends of the city. It has everything, including a thriving nightlife, relaxing picnic areas, and some outstanding museums. You'll have a good amount of options to choose from! 

Tourist Attractions: 

1. Van Gogh Museum 

2. Anne Frank House 

3. Royal Palace


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