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A look into actor, producer and designer Shama Sikander’s journey

by Aparajita Jaiswal

April 23, 2022

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“Life is my biggest role model and people are my biggest inspiration.”

In our recent interview with Shama Sikander, the actor gives us a gist of her acting journey. From filming movies (like Prem Aggan, Mann, Dhoom Dhadaka, Seven) to television shows (like Ye Meri Life Hai), Shama seems to have learnt extensively from her experiences. “My projects have taught me a lot about humans and life other than acting as well. Acting comes naturally to me. I feel ecstatic when I’m in front of camera. One gets a chance to put to life a character with their own imagination. Shooting films need more time and therefore, are a bit of an ease in comparison to television. Television is all about delivering the product. Nowadays, T.V shows are equally well made but films have their own charm. Overall, the journey has made me stronger and given me the courage to fight for myself.”, says the actor. 

A multitasker at hand, the actor adds two more achievements in her bag- owning a production company and a women’s wear fashion label named Saisha. Shama says “It feels empowering to own a production company. As for fashion, at the time I was going through a phase where I was looking for a change in my life. Hence, I wanted to venture into something other than acting as well so I started Saisha. It feels good and creative to be a designer.” Another cherry on the cake is the actor’s dream to start directing films and shows “sometime soon”. 

Having clarity in terms of future goals and plans in certainly a “plus-plus” and the actor seems to have a definitive agenda. “I am currently focusing on acting and working on a peppy dance-music video. I’m going through a couple of more scripts as of now and keeping my eyes open to collaborating on some good projects as a producer too. I want to utilise my acting ability to draw an impact in the coming years.” Moreover, the actor claims that she is rejoiced at the response her recent music video Majnu 2 alongside Mika Singh is receiving. 

Since the longest, being a public figure and in the spotlight has its set of positives and negatives. According to the actor, the “ups and downs” are a part of the job. Keeping such a mindset and reminding oneself of the true purpose as to entering the space and help actors in staying clear of negative thoughts and emotions. Shama deepens the conversation further when asked about her biggest role model to which she remarkably responds- “Life is my biggest role model and people are my biggest inspiration. We inspire each other through our vulnerabilities and strength all the time.”

Shama ends the interview in a beautiful note by reminding her fans to love themselves through all the thick and thins existing in the universe.

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