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Barkha Singh’s candid candour makes the way to an eye-catching interview

by Aparajita Jaiswal

April 6, 2022

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Barkha Singh, an actor, and content creator, digs up some fewer known facts and details about her journey with interviewer Kavya Gupta. The conversation gets more exciting as Barkha discusses her YouTube Channel, her growth as an actor and a content creator, her experience shooting with Sushmita Sen and much more!

Barkha Singh started her career in acting in 2015 in an MTV show. She claims that her Instagram and YouTube Content Creation were “by-products” of her acting experience. “Because of the MTV show, my Instagram handle suddenly started, skyrocketing. I was growing 20k-30k every day on Instagram. Before this, I didn’t even know content creation is a “scene” and people can do all this. I think very few people like Ashish in India had started it. Adding to this, Barkha gives us details about her inspiration to start her YouTube channel,  “Because my followers started growing, the people managing me at that time, they made me realise like that since I travel so much and anyways shooting travel content, I can just upload it in one place on the YouTube channel and I was very much against starting a YouTube channel thinking I won’t be able do all of it (auditions, shooting, Instagram and YouTube and they were like, shut up and do it. As I started uploading more and more content, many tourists and boards of different countries started reaching out to me to create content on my YouTube channel. After that, I got great views you know so that’s when I decided this was the best way to make my love for travel sustainable.”

When asked what she looks for in a new project before signing yes to it, Barkha reveals that other than the standard considerations regarding production and platform, the storyline and character offered to her plays an extremely important role. 

Barkha has had the opportunity to work alongside Sushmita Sen and claims and claims she had a wonderful experience.

While contributing to wildlife and nature are some of her alternate interests, Barkha digs deeper by expressing the challenges one faces in the show industry. “I think, at least for me the most challenging part is showing restraint. A lot of people say it’s very important to select the right project. So, that is most challenging because as an actor you’re tempted to do every project that comes your way . Having the ability to pick and choose your projects is something that I feel is very challenging because every character requires a different dialect and a whole lot of work. I never bring up long hours, travel, staying away or not having weekends as challenges because all of that comes as part and parcel of being an actor.

However, I think having to choose between projects and having gauze which one is good for you is most challenging thing according to me.”

An eye catcher in this interview is the revelation of some of Barkha’s cherished and note-worthy accomplishments such as being a 12th board exam merit list holder and topping Maharashtra, raising awareness, and educating people for animal welfare, having the courage to make a shift into the web space and maintaining a healthy body lifestyle in terms of meditation, yoga and a fitness regime. 

Concluding the interview, Barkha also told us about some of her future goals and projects “One project that has already been announced by Jio Studios is The Great Wedding of Munnes which will release later this year. I am very excited about it. The entire look of the character I am playing is very interesting. It is like nothing anyone has ever seen me before in.”

Booming with positive energy and quirkiness, Barkha Singh ends the interview with a heart-warming message for her fans- “YOLO. Everyone should really believe in living in the present moment. There is no point in spending time over-thinking. If you want to do something, do it now, don’t waste time procrastinating. If you feel like doing something, trust your gut and go for it!”

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