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Musings With Maryam Zolghadr

by Mimansha Walia

June 20, 2023

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Under the sun-kissed skies of the French Riviera, where dreams meld with talent and artistry, the renowned model and entrepreneur Maryam Zolghadr, is all set to grace the exalted Cannes Film Festival with her presence and allure. She is giddy with excitement as she opens up about being a part of the eminent Cannes Film Festival in an exclusive interview with L’utopia.


Maryam Zolghadr has been an enthralling force in the realm of social media influence. Her vibrant spirit, creativity, and dedication to her art have been turning people’s heads across all platforms. When asked about how she had been lately, she smiles excitedly and says how stoked she is to see what the next few days at the film festival have in store for her. This isn’t her first time in Cannes or the film festival as such, she further reveals. It’s her third time in the city and the second time attending the film festival, but the excitement is just as fresh as if it were her first. 

Cannes Film Festival is another stepping stone in her career, with promises of forging new connections and finding home and comfort in the limelight that comes along with it. Something that is genuinely etched in her memory is “all the glitz and the glam and the chaos that come with it” (her lifestyle). From running to the showrooms to select the best, most appealing gowns designed by renowned fashion designers, getting dolled up by the incredibly talented hair and makeup artists, leaving the Martinez Hotel in full glam, and then arriving at the premiere, being surrounded by so many talented actors and actresses, producers and directors who are showcasing their art. She finds it to be truly an experience of its own.  


The glamour and grace of the prestigious festival match her own. Her favorite thing about the festival is “the red carpet moments, of course”. The buzz and glamour surrounding these events, coupled with the opportunity to meet creators from all over the world and exchange ideas with them, make the whole event all the more enchanting. It caters to her natural ability to weave seamless narratives into a fascinating tapestry of inspiration, empowerment, and entertainment,  where she constantly bridges cultures and generations with her work. This is what makes her one of the most inspirational influencers of our time. 

Sharing with L’utopia whether or not Cannes actually lives up to its hype, she nods eminently and expresses, “The Cannes Film Festival is known for its glamorous atmosphere and is considered one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. It's exciting to be among the first to see new and often critically acclaimed movies.”

She further reiterates what she’s looking forward to the most at Cannes. According to her, it is “everything.” The celebration of cinema itself, the chance to connect with industry professionals, the screenings, the movie screenings, and the unmissable intersection of fashion and film. She cannot wait to be caught up in the whole whirlwind of excitement!


Currently based in LA, she has cultivated a diverse and inclusive community that spans the globe, bringing together people from all over the world and spreading awareness by shedding due light on important social issues. Whether it involves social issues or a simple engagement in heartfelt conversations discussing fashion and travel, Maryam’s range and influence over her followers know no bounds. She describes her life affairs in a single word that holds boundless meaning for her: “Transformation.” She has had many transformative experiences in both her personal life and her professional life. Cannes has only made it better. It has been a true catalyst for growth and an opportunity to immerse herself in the wonderfully captivating film industry.

Maryam’s charismatic presence is a reminder that the power of influence supersedes the confines of the screen and that there are always new dimensions and possibilities opening up, ready for new experiences and exploration. She has crafted a digital universe of her own, and her presence never fails to leave an indelible mark on hearts and minds alike.

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