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Kavya Thapar And Her Versatile Acting Career That Cuts Across Regional Lines

by Aparajita Jaiswal

February 12, 2023

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Kavya Thapar is an Indian actress and model who works in Telugu, Tamil as well as Hindi films. Having an illustrious career in both film and fashion, she talked to us about her upcoming projects, her big break, her fashion mantra and some other things that tell us about the versatile person that she is.

Kavya was first asked about her “big break” in her career. She highlighted the years 2017 and 2018 as some of the most defining years of her career. She replied “I started doing ads in 2017 and got my first Telugu movie in October 2017 and my first Tamil and Hindi movies by 2018” 

Here, Kavya is talking about the movie Ee Maaya Peremito, which was a Telugu language movie that came out in 2018. Kavya played the role of Sheetal Jain in the film, who is the daughter of a rich businessperson. 

Having worked both in the South and the North of India, Kavya seems to have enjoyed the best of both worlds in the Indian film industry. Carrying this assumption, we asked how she would describe her experience of working both in the South and in Bollywood. Her response met our expectations, when she said “Both the industries have a lot to offer and it’s been a very exciting and overwhelming experience for me. I’ve always been blessed to find amazing opportunities in both the industries and I’ve found some people who are extremely dear to me and are now family. Overall my experience has been nothing short of a blessing and I thank god and my Guruji every day for my journey.’

Her gratefulness for her success was indeed heart-warming. 

Kavya’s filmography spans across a wide variety of films by now, with distinct plots, genres, roles and of course, languages. Therefore, we had to ask her, which of her works was the closest to her heart. Interestingly, her reply was that she simply could not decide. 

“I don’t think I can be biased when it comes to my work. Every project I take up I believe in 100% and it’s like my baby.”

We then asked her what her advice was for the numerous young women who are trying to get into her industry. The simplicity and authenticity of her advice impressed us, as she advised young aspirants to simply be themselves. She also emphasized hard-work and honesty, along with the right amount of faith and grace. “Don’t find easy ways and solutions. Be patient and keep going with a smile and a prayer.” she said.

Kavya was also asked by us about any “fashion mantra” she followed, and would like to share. Her reply was quite amusing, while still being incredibly genuine and profound- a delicate combination indeed. “For me fashion is what my stylists suggest honestly. Otherwise personally I only seek maximum comfort. I believe clothes are made to fit us and we aren’t supposed to fit into clothes. Also size doesn’t matter so wear what you want when you want and how you want just be happy and comfortable.

Finally, she told us about her upcoming projects. We discovered that 2023 is going to be quite a busy year for Kavya, as she is working on 3 movies down south (two in Tamil and one in Telugu). Without telling us too much and keeping us on the hook, she also mentioned that she has “something very exciting coming up” in Hindi on Amazon Prime.

We can’t wait for whatever that might be and wish her the very best for her career.

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