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Karishma Kotak Playing Her Innings In Fashion, Sports And Fitness

by Rupashree Ravi

June 27, 2022

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Actress, model, and television presenter Karishma Kotak is a well-known face in the entertainment industry. From Bigg Boss to acting in films to hosting the IPL, she has come a long way and has found her path in showbiz. She is also a huge health and fitness enthusiast.

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing industry, Karishma Kotak is definitely an all-rounder. Such an industry with immense talent and competition can be difficult for the new generation to leave their mark. “I believe leaving a mark is a personal journey. I don't compare my success to anybody else. A successful Bollywood actress will look at Julia Roberts and think that they're not successful, but they are. I think the industry keeps shifting. Right now, I have done a movie called Ira and I've done a guest appearance in Shaad Ali’s Mister Mummy. But I didn't have this kind of work two years ago. If you're willing to work hard, there will be so many opportunities for you. If you're good, you can get that work. I don't know if I necessarily want to leave a mark on the industry. I'm just happy that I'm working.”

When asked about her experience so far as an actress, she said, “I am very busy with anchoring and doing projects in-between. I'm just happy because I think as an artist, you just want to do good work so whether I'm anchoring IPL, whether I'm in Dubai hosting a T10 League, whether I'm doing a movie or shooting for a brand, I'm just happy to be given these opportunities. Because that's the best thing you can do.”

Currently, Kotak is working on many different projects. She recently wrapped up the dark web techno-thriller, Ira, and will also be seen portraying a guest role in the film, Mister Mummy. The movie also stars Ritesh and Genelia Deshmukh. Kotak cites Penelope Cruz as her inspiration along with Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She mentioned that her favourite role so far was her guest appearance in Freaky Ali alongside Arbaaz Khaan, Sohail Khan, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. “It was a really fun opportunity. We got to shoot on this beautiful golf course in Pune. It was such a fond memory for me. Although it was just a short cameo, it was a lot of fun and I worked with a great team,” she said.

Sharing her views on body shaming and body positivity, she said, “I think there's a lot of pressure on women to look a certain size and a certain way. And I definitely think social media has a huge part to play in it. People need to understand that a lot of celebrities go under the knife to meet unrealistic expectations. I believe if you lose too much weight, it ages your face, and it makes you look older. So, to look youthful, a little bit of plumpness on the face, and a little bit of collagen on the face are needed. There's no such thing as fault reduction. I believe you should learn to enjoy life, but in a balance.”

Kotak also left an inspiring message for the younger generation and all her fans. “I think young women and men need to stop putting pressure on themselves to be a size zero or a size two or go on unnecessary keto diets or intermittent fasting. Everybody has a different body and their body reacts to things differently. What works for someone else will not always work out for you. So do the research. Take social media every day in small doses. Remember there's more to life than your weight and your health is the most important aspect. So, thank you to my lovely followers on Instagram and Twitter for following me and for your love and your kindness.”

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