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Ginta Talks Cannes, Career And Creativity

by Akshay T S

July 25, 2023

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We sit for an exclusive talk with the incredible Ginta, a music artist at Sony Music Entertainment, a content creator, and the recipient of the World Influencer Awards. Delving into her music career, Cannes visit, and future projects. Ginta makes a bold statement by integrating music, visual aesthetics, and fashion.

Speaking about her life trajectory, she says, "Incredibly grateful and excited about the path that my life is on right now. Each day brings me a new opportunity to express, inspire, and explore the ever-evolving intersection of music, fashion, technology, and social influence."

Sharing the excitement to be part of Cannes, she said, "It's a truly surreal experience. Cannes is not just a film festival; it's a celebration of the arts, a meeting ground for creative minds, and a platform for pushing boundaries. To be part of this global event as an artist is humbling and inspiring.


Recalling her past visits to Cannes, Ginta unveils, "I've had the privilege of attending in the previous four years, and every time I've been, it's been a unique and thrilling experience that's broadened my perspective on art, culture, and storytelling." Over the years, making it her yearly destination, she feels Cannes, apart from celebrating cinema in all its shades, is the chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. It's a beautiful confluence of people, creativity, and stories that pulls her back.

In passionately revealing her excitement for this year's festival, she is exhilarated by the emerging artists and their bold, innovative stories. "As someone deeply involved in the world of technology and new media, I'm eager to see how filmmakers are utilizing these ––tools to create cinematic experiences that challenge the status quo." The Presence of acclaimed directors like Quentin Tarantino, Bong Joon Ho, and Sofia Coppola, and the star powers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda Swinton, and Marion Cotillard keep her pumped up.

"I'm currently working on a new album in my signature genre, Hi-Pop; this genre represents a blend of catchy music locks with high-tech digital elements. Exploring the fusion of traditional music with digital artistry. She aims to break barriers between genres and create a unique sonic experience for listeners. With her upcoming single, "Unsaid," on its way, Ginta said, "It's a deeply personal track, but one that resonates with the universal human experience." 

Adding to it, she is also collaborating with platinum record producers in features, remixes, and live DJ sets, blending her existing work and a sneak peek of what's to come and taking her across Europe this summer. In content creation, she is developing a series of videos to offer an insider's look into her creative process – where music, fashion, and lifestyle blend together. Reflecting on the realm of technology, she looks forward to creating an immersive experience and credits the unending opportunity technology offers. 


Returning to Cannes, she reminisces a memory that stays with her: "One moment that's forever etched in my memory is the standing ovation after a film premiere. The energy in the room was palpable - a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to connect us. It was a poignant reminder of why we create and the impact we can have," she relays. Another memory she shares with us—was winning the World Influencer Award as Best Entertainment Act in 2021. This accolade was a testament to her as a content creator. It inspired her to push even further, elevate the quality of content and intertwine seamlessly with her artistic path. Making her realize that combining her experiences as a model and host with her current journey as a musician and producer. Gina says this opened up new avenues for creative expression, enabling her to bring a unique blend of skills and experiences as an artist.

Valuing sustainability in fashion, she goes on to list her dream designer. She mentions Iris van Herpen for her fusion of art, fashion, and technology, as it resonates with her own journey. Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto for his ability to blend traditional Japanese design elements with avant-garde aesthetics. From the Middle East, Elie Saab for combining Middle Eastern richness with modern aesthetics.

Finally, she culminates with her anticipation for her upcoming projects - new music releases, a book about content creation, and multimedia creation. She is also excited to explore integrating augmented reality and blockchain in music.

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