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Honing skills and stepping beyond comfort: Sunayana Fozdar talks work, fitness and more

By Aadhya Venkatesh

July 3, 2022

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Actor and performer Sunayana Fozdar ventured into the Indian TV industry after doing films in the south. Her most current as Anjali Mehta in the hit show Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma has garnered her lots of love and applause from the audiences. Sunayana believes that the TV industry is more fast-paced due to the daily telecast and allows one to polish their skills. She enjoys the production process of both TV and Cinema and wishes to work in both worlds.

Sunayana believes that hard work combined with discipline and consistency is the key to success. She advises against falling for the glittering glamour of the industry and pushes aspiring actors to learn and better themselves. She wishes to take up Reality TV shows in the future and believes that "It is the best way to connect with your audiences and let them get to know who you are."

When it comes to skincare, Sunayana believes that both health and skincare routines contribute significantly to a healthy mind. She does different things like walking, dancing, running, CrossFit, etc., but most of all, she loves to walk. Her skincare routine is fundamental, and she believes in keeping the skin clean and hydrated. Sunayana avoids using makeup when she doesn't have to and always sleeps with bare skin. She believes that letting the skin breathe is important. "When you are mentally in a good position, your skin will glow, and your body will be happy".

For fitness, Sunayana does not believe in following fad diets. She eats everything from cakes to chocolates but in moderation. Eating simple food and drinking a lot of water is her go-to tip for fitness and being physically active. She promotes doing anything that personally suits you and your mindset, along with eating right and sleeping adequately.

When asked about the trolling she receives over social media, Sunayana said, "When you ignore something, it fizzles out". She doesn't let the trolling get to her and maintains a positive attitude by surrounding herself with friends and family. "Eventually, if you are on the right path and focus on work, everything else will fall into place".

Her main inspiration in life has been her mother. She always pushed Sunayana to get out of her comfort zone. "She has been a single mom, and you can imagine the hurdles and strength she's had". Sunayana likes to believe that she has the same strength and is a reflection of her mother.

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