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My mission is to help and unite women globally: Russian Spy turned actress and activist Aliia Roza is an inspiration to all

by Rupashree Ravi

July 23, 2022

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Hollywood starlet and entrepreneur Aliia Roza is a versatile woman of many talents. She is an influencer, philanthropist, and public speaker for women empowerment. Featured in Forbes, Vanity Fair, and other outlets, she has been the face of brands like Rolls Royce and Damiani. Roza made headlines last year when she revealed that she was a former Russian spy, serving in the military at the age of 18. 16 years ago, she fled Russia and lived in London, Italy, Switzerland, and France, before moving to the United States.

In an exclusive interview, she spoke to us about her inspiring journey from an ex-spy to a successful activist and philanthropist. “Since I was little, my father taught me to protect people. When I turned 18 years old, my dad sent me to a military espionage academy in Russia, where I learned seduction, influence, and manipulation techniques. I was sent for missions to stop human and drug trafficking. I can’t forget how young girls of 12-18 years were being dragged and kidnapped for sex labour. I promised myself to do everything to stop it and protect the young generation of women. After leaving the military, I began raising donations for charities supporting women and children, and delivered speeches and talks on how to prevent abuse, manipulation, and violence.”

Since then, she has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur and has hosted several charity events. She owns a luxury public relations firm as well. Roza also founded a platform, Super Lady, that provides training courses to help women overcome difficulties. “It is a platform to unite women globally where they can learn techniques of influencing, share their life stories, and meet new friends. We have video lessons with techniques and podcasts. You can also watch my TV show, Seduce Like A Spy, where I interview celebrity guests breaking down the mechanics of seduction and manipulation.”

Having worked as a TV presenter with CBS TV Network and as a red carpet fashion presenter in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, she has also produced several fashion documentaries for 24 fashion TV. “My favorite red carpet event which I organized and hosted as an ambassador of Best Beginnings charity foundation was in London in 2019 together with Andy Serkis.”

She is an active member of the United Nations and stands for the agenda of women empowerment. In 2019, Roza was awarded by Forbes Magazine for her contributions toward supporting women and children in need. She also appeared at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this year, where she won the Women’s Empowerment Award.

When asked about her experience at Cannes, she said, “I love Cannes Film Festival and I attend it every year. This year was special because I was awarded the Best Women Empowerment Influencer by world bloggers & influencers awards. My mission is to help women and I am very passionate about it. I travel across the world to deliver speeches women empowerment to unite women globally.”

The fashion icon believes that one’s fashion choices represent a modern and empowered woman. Her personal fashion aesthetic is feminine, classy, and noble and her favourite brands are Hermes, Chanel, and Van Cleef & Arpels. She loves to wear different styles, from jeans and sportswear to haute couture gowns for red carpets. She believes clothes are one of the most important aspects of influence and urged women to wear clothes that are most comfortable to them.

“Fashion is one of the most important components of women’s lives. Fashion empowers women and makes them feel beautiful, sexy, and stronger. It is a way to express themselves and send a message to the world,” she shared.

Roza has an upcoming movie, where she details her life story and tough upbringing and teaches women the techniques she learnt through her years of experience in the military. She is also all set to release her book next year, which teaches women how to empower themselves through the art of seduction and confidence.

Sharing her thoughts on the Russia-Ukraine war, she said, “I am against genocide and racism. It’s very sad that the war is still going on. I was born in USSR where people from all nationalities were brothers and sisters. I believe if united together, we can stop the war and bring peace to the whole world.”

Roza cites Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Lyda Hill and Maya Angelou as her role models. “I would love to be like them someday,” she said. She considers the United States as her home and is grateful for all the opportunities she has received.

Finally, Roza shared a piece of advice to the young generation.

“Be authentic and honest to yourself. Have hope and belief that after the storm, the sun will shine again. Most importantly, love and respect yourself and take care of your physical and mental health.”

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