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Priya Ahuja gets candid about her life behind the screen

by Aarti Singh

October 7, 2022

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A crucial part of a legendary Indian sitcom that has been ruling our screens for years now; Priya Ahuja aka. Rita Reporter has first-handedly faced the uncertainties of the industry. “There is no guarantee or any mantra of getting successful.” She has been a witness to how the industry requires tedious and copious amounts of hard work. Hard work that more so than often goes hand-in-hand with good luck. Priya feels that social media is one factor that has indefinitely made a huge difference for people today. “Few things are like blessings, say social media for that matter. Instagram helps so much; you can showcase your talent in a lot of ways, you can make reels, portray different shades of yourself. You don’t need to rush and make portfolios and look for the casting director. Social media has made it very easy that you can approach a lot of casting people directly through Instagram and share your work directly.”

Priya Ahuja

Her love for her work can clearly be seen in her deep-seated understanding of the same. She feels that the most challenging aspect of her job is also the most beautiful aspect and that is “The Show Must Go On.” “Whatever happens in your personal life, you have to get up next day and shoot. Whatever circumstances you face; in your family or in your personal life, you have to give your best shot when you’re working. So, I feel that’s the most challenging yet the most beautiful part of being an actor”

When not busy with any projects, Priya enjoys reading. “The book that I love the most and has made a lot of impact in my life is The Alchemist. Really really love that book.”

When asked about the people that have the most influence on her, she revealed that there are a lot of inspiring people like Boman Irani, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Dilip Joshi. These actors who are so brilliant at their jobs, someone started late, someone got success a little late, they motivate Priya a lot. “It’s okay just keep working hard. One day- someday- you are going to get your due, if you’re good at your job.”

Priya Ahuja

And it isn’t a hidden fact that at times, it gets tough in showbiz. In times like these, Priya likes to believe that one day she will get it. “That faith in my hard work, in my talent, that one day, someday, I’m also going to be there. I am going to achieve that. And I know I am going to do that. So that keeps me going. It’s okay if yesterday wasn’t that great, it’s okay if today is just ok ok. But surely, tomorrow is going to be beautiful.”

On a heartfelt note, Priya revealed that she doesn’t believe in failures. According to her, a failure isn’t a failure if you learn something from it. Yet still, one regret she’ll always have is her short span on the hit serials Balika Vadhu and Saubhagyavati Bhava. “I was part of Balika Vadhu, it was a beautiful character; and also, Saubhagyavati Bhava. Both the shows, really really hit. But unfortunately, my track got over too early. I shot for very less days in both the shows. So yeah that regret I think I’ll have somewhere.” She wishes she could play the two characters in the respective shows for a comparatively longer period.

We were pleasantly surprised when Priya said that she doesn’t plan her life. “All I want is to stay an actor till my last breath. That is, you can say, my biggest aim or my biggest dream. I always, always, want to stay an actor. Of course I want to be more successful than what I am, I want to achieve way more, I want to perform a lot of different characters, want to do more and more challenging characters, roles in my life. That’s the only plan. I don’t know when and how things are going to shape up but I’m sure soon something amazing will happen in my life.”

Priya Ahuja

Moving onto the fitness aspect of her routine, Priya shared that she absolutely loves working out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone who follows her knows how big of an advocate she is of a healthy active lifestyle. “I would love to clarify this, that I am not into fitness because I want to stay slim. I am into fitness because I want to stay healthy. Getting up without any support, so that when I get up, my body shouldn’t hurt. When I grow old, I don’t want to walk with support, up until a certain age. Maybe after a certain age, I’ll have to, but until then I would like to stay extremely fit so I can take care of myself.”

In conversation about women empowerment, Priya disclosed that Feminism and Women Empowerment isn’t limited to wearing what you feel like wearing, behaving in a certain way, acting chic; Feminism isn’t about being ahead of men. It is about feeling empowered from within. “It is about the choices that you make in life. You have the ability to make the right choices and decisions about your life. You feel secure in a society, you feel powerful, you feel like you are an equal decision- maker in your family as much as the man in your family is.”

Priya Ahuja

Talking about life away from work, Priya mentioned how most of her time is spent running behind her toddler. And when she is not running behind her toddler, she compensates that by running on the treadmill. Just kidding! When she’s not spending time with her son, she is usually working out. “Currently I started doing Zumba and I really really enjoy doing that. I am totally in love with it.”

Wrapping up the interview, Priya mentioned some upcoming future projects that’ll be revealed in due time. “Please keep on showering your love and keep us in your prayers. Very soon you’ll see me in something amazing. As an actor, if you are my fan, all I can say is, promise that pretty soon I’m going to do something amazing and I won’t disappoint you. As an actor. As a human.”

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