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Seerat Kapoor – An All-rounder’s journey in today’s era

by Aparajita Jaiswal

April 3, 2022

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Seerat Kapoor has indeed been an all-rounder through her  dancing, singing and acting. When asked about her experience training with Ashleigh Lobo, she reveals- “In all honesty, when I started off as a dancer, I had no long term plan of taking it up as a choreographer. I had merely taken it to train the passion that I have towards dance. I enrolled into Ashleigh’s company as a student, along with a couple of seniors who within my first class spotted me and offered me a scholarship program.” Moreover, the artist claims that she became a co-member of Ashleigh’s team and was landed with the opportunity of working as a choreographer in the movie, Rockstar. 

Taking a sneak peek into the artist’s journey as an actor, Seerat reveals that performing theatrical dance trained her to “face the camera and the big screen”. 

Seerat’s parents guided her through the process of training professionally as a singer. “I was very young and my parents had this knack of already understanding that there were two creative kids born to them, my brother and I. My parents thought if I trained, I could potentially stand up in the field of professional singing. At that point, all I wanted was to dance, sing and act.  I remember a very open conversation at home about how Hindustani Classical music influences your vocal training.” 

The artist’s inspiration game is rather idealistic and taken from various forms. “I draw inspiration from everywhere, there are no one or two people, not just industry professionals, but the people I work with. Right from the management to my PR to the team that supports me; everyone inspires me. Seeing old ladies in the gym is an inspiration. Therefore, it’s holistic and I’m also inspired by many films and performances by actors.“

Being a public figure can bring out its “pros and cons”. According to the artist, the perception of a situation and whether it is bound to work in favour or not is in the stride of an actor. Her approach towards negative criticism is constructive as she looks at them as opportunities for her betterment in her art.

Seerat Kapoor appeared in Slow Slow music video with Badshaah and Abhishek and has been working on several projects currently. She claims that featuring in Slow Slow music video was extremely good. The opportunity was out of her comfort zone. She added that meeting Badshah created a personal level attachment on a deeper level. In terms of her recent projects, the artist reveals that she has a Bollywood debut release with Tushar Kapoor Entertainment Productions along with veterans such as  Nawazuddin Siddiqui sir. She is currently filming another movie with Suryadevara Naga Vamsi.“

The conversation was extremely delightful. Seerat concluded the interview with a heart- wrenching message for her fans. “I want to tell my fans that they have been such a great support and I won’t stay silent here, because they very loudly cheer for me when I put up something.“

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