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5 Ways to Always Look CLASSY

by Tanvi Punia

July 16, 2021

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Classy style never goes out of fashion. It’s the biggest compliment when someone describes a person’s style as being classy. It’s definitely what everyone should strive to be. Classy style doesn’t always have to be boring as one can always incorporate classier trendy pieces into their looks. And of course, there’s so much more to being a classy person than just the way one looks. Here, the prime focus is just on how to look classy. Through this article, one can learn 5 easy ways to always look classy. So, let’s get started!

  • Keep Clothes Pristine

One should keep their clothes looking pristine and clean at all times. What is meant by this is that a person doesn’t always have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars getting really expensive clothes. Instead, even if the person is wearing something that’s relatively cheaper and they present themselves well and wear them right, they can make for a very classy outfit. One should always have their clothes crease-free. 

  • Balance the Outfits

One can limit the amount of skin they show by not showing too much skin everywhere. Well, it is completely okay to wear something slightly revealing but the rule that most people like to go by is to balance it out. So, if a person is wearing something slightly revealing on the top, they can balance it out with something a bit more conservative on the bottom such as pants that can cover their legs. One can also wear skinny fit and show off their figure but it is much classier to cover up the bottom half and vice versa.

  • Minimal and Natural Make-up

Obviously, everyone would still do a few things to enhance their looks but one should not go overboard. With make-up, the three things to focus on would be the skin, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Everyone’s skin should always look nice and clean. There’s nothing worse than a cakey foundation look. In this day and age, everyone is going for a more natural, glowy look so lighter make-up should be preferred. Eyebrows definitely frame one’s face. If someone has messy eyebrows, no matter how nice their clothes or hair are, their face won’t look put together. As soon as they’ll have nice and tidy eyebrows, it will enhance their overall look.

  • Wear Dainty Jewellery

With everyday jewellery, it is always classier to go with dainty jewellery that looks high-quality. One can even wear them in the shower and not worry about them getting tarnished. So, having a few pieces that are really dainty and of good quality would last through the years and would definitely give a classier look overall.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

There’s nothing classy about wearing something uncomfortable and constantly keep adjusting. It’s a sure thing that everyone would have experienced these clothes that look really beautiful but are a bit uncomfortable. It just makes them look not very confident with themselves and this constant fidgeting is just not classy. So, one should choose their clothing items very consciously.

So, these were the 5 ways of always looking classy. Incorporating them into daily life can make anyone look classy!

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