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Elegance is Everything: How Korean Fashion Has Swept The World

by Rupashree Ravi

August 1, 2022

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It is no doubt that elegant, comfortable and classy fashion has become the go-to choice for this young and booming generation. Young adults’ interest and fascination towards growing popular cultures are reflected in their music, food, and fashion choices, to name a few. With the Hallyu wave taking over the world by storm, where Korean cultural practices are gaining popularity and increased overseas attention, K-fashion has found itself a loyal and global fanbase. It has become an international phenomenon that has paved its way into the Indian market too.

Simply put, K-fashion or Korean fashion is inspired by the global love for K-pop and K-dramas, which at the moment, appears to be at an all-time high in India. It is a fusion of modern fashion with a tweak of conservative style and is quickly becoming a strong fashion statement all across the world. K-fashion, with its Less is More attitude sets its clothing apart from other fashion trends. From baggy pants, and oversized tops to trench coats and tote bags, K-fashion has got you all covered. This is because the sense of style is an aesthetic that is delicate, yet quite distinctive compared to other cultures. It doesn’t scream, rather it is simple yet minimal and classy.

Korean boy band BTS has revolutionized the fashion scene in the country.

Whether it is the basic colour palettes of muted and pastel colours like beige and grey, Koreans will flaunt their elegance as they go for a formal yet casual style. High-waisted pants and a luxurious blouse complemented with high heels is the most sought-after look for Korean women. Such an outfit is classy and professional at the same time. They wear blazers with sneakers and still look sophisticated, having an element of intricacy. Korean fashion aesthetics are built around one or two prints, instead of vibrant and energetic colours, which are considered to be less fashionable. Some of their iconic trends are slacks, high waist palazzo pants, denim, miniskirts, jumpsuits, suspenders, polo shirts, straight-cut jeans, padded jackets, and playsuits.

“Thanks to its vibrant hues and bold colour combinations, Korean fashion has become a living example of how different clothing styles can suit every taste.”

Shin Min-a’s fashion in the hit K-drama, Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Son Ye-Jin sporting a classy look in Crash Landing On You

A major distinction from western fashion is how Koreans reveal their skin. Since showing off skin is not very common in their culture, they choose a part to flaunt while covering up the rest. For instance, if they wear a pair of shorts, they complement it with an elegant blouse for a formal look. Knee or thigh-high long socks are also very common with dresses. Moreover, their use of accessories like handbags and jewellery. Hair accessories like berets, face caps, hairpins and clips complement beautiful hairstyles by adding a unique and personal touch. Even Korean men flaunt these accessories and completely rock their look.

K-pop idols Hongjoong, Kai and G-Dragon are well-known for their iconic fashion statements.

This fashion trend, thus, stimulates a graceful aura that is discreet and focused on utmost comfort. K-fashion is a major source of inspiration in the fashion world. The trend has just taken off in India as we see a high demand for these clothing styles. However, with rising popularity and interest in Korean culture and fashion, the best of the Hallyu wave is yet to come.

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