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K-Pop Fashion And Its Impact On Global Wardrobe

by Yashi Srivastava

February 10, 2023

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K-pop is more than a music genre in 2022. It is a wave, a trend, a bold choice of fashion coupled with luxury and serving looks! 

Korean pop music has its roots fixed in the 90s, but after the rise of artists like PSY and BTS, K-pop has taken over the global wardrobe, not just with its music but also fashion, style, and charisma. 

Why shouldn’t it? 

After all, K-pop idols are some of the most beautiful faces that you would come across. It is thus, not surprising to know that most of them are headlining several luxury fashion shows across the world and many have become the face of brands like Celine, Dior, Milan, Gucci, and more.

So, how is K-pop influencing the wardrobe of the entire fashion world? 

We shall discuss the same in this article. 


The rise of K-pop fashion 

As mentioned already, it all began with during the early 90s when Seo Taiji and Boys created a concoction of South Korean tradition with western instruments and highlighted the same with stunning choreography!

The world was in awe and since then, there's been no looking back for the music genre. With time, K-pop fashion promoted fashion accessories like bucket hats, loose fitting T-shirts and jeans, flannels, and more. 

By the late 90s, K-pop music soared since the term ‘idol’ was coined which led the musicians to become more than performers - they became celebrities and the global (wardrobe) domination of K-pop thus began. 

Currently, K-pop fashion dabbles between streetwear and sportswear off-stage and everything that’s luxury, starting from Gucci, Versace, Dior, Cartier, Celine, etc. 

The current popularity of K-pop fashion

It is safe to consider K-pop fashion as one of the biggest trends of 2022. From baggy clothes to skirts, to anoraks, from Girls Generation being invited to 2012 Mulberry show in London to BTS attending the 2018 Billboard Awards in complete Gucci outfits - Korean pop culture fashion has certainly come a long way!

It is not wrong to say that the digital media has played a prominent role in taking the K-pop popularity to a whole new level, not only in East- Asia and South-Asia but also the West. 

However, it is not just K-pop idols that have influenced the world wardrobe and have been a part of the global fashion world. Korean fashion brands such as Gentle Monster and Minju Kim are making waves across the world with their fresh styles and K-pop inclined clothing.

In fact, popular brands like Adidas have now come up with merchandise that is completely influenced by the K-pop genre, and the sales are on an all-time high!


The influence of K-pop idols in global fashion 

K-pop idols aren't just singers anymore - they are ambassadors of South Korean culture, style, and fashion - and the global fashion world is loving their charisma! From BTS’ V to GOT7’s Jackson and Blackpink’s Lisa, everyone is known for their unique sense of style and cosmic fashion trends.They are breaking the internet with their stunning fashion sense and persona!

In fact, they can make or break a fashion trend within minutes and scream of luxury and charm in every sense of the word. 

It is thus, not uncommon for top fashion brands to seek out idols from K-pop groups like Blackpink, Twice, Aespa, Monsta X, TxT, Red Velvet, and more to promote their brand via advertisements and fashion shows. Why shouldn’t they? After all, K-pop idols are known for their extravagant sense of fashion loaded with high-end accessories and vibrant colors, both on hair and their outfits!

However, their fashion isn’t only limited to the stage. From airport looks to casual outings, K-media has its eyes on them and most idols do not disappoint! 

And let’s not forget the influence they have on some of the most popular fashion brands, like Louis Vuitton, who moved an entire fashion show to Seoul, South Korea, only for the legends known as BTS to promote the brand. In fact, the collection was sold out within a few minutes of the event. BTS’ airport look, where they were dressed in LV clothes from top to bottom, also sold out within a few hours after photos were released online. While BTS have their own contribution in bringing the world’s attention to K-pop culture, it is the aestheri and eye-catching visuals of K-pop idols from several groups that keeps the genre’s popularity growing. 

EXO Kai for Gucci and Bobbi Brown, IU for Gucci, Red Velvet Irene for Prada, Blackpink’s Jisoo for Cartier and Dior, Aespa for Givenchy, EXO Sehun for Dior, are some of the popular K-pop names who are faces or brand ambassadors of some high-end luxury brands. 

Wrapping up 

K-pop idols, in recent times, have proven that they are way ahead of the curve in terms of fashion and media both, and they aren’t stopping anytime soon! So, get ready, because K-pop is and will be the moment for several coming years in trends, style, and of course, influential fashion. 


Blob- It is not just the outfit that defines fashion for K-pop idols. They are also about style that sends and spreads a message, the make-up that accentuates the beauty of the IDOL irrespective of the gender, and visuals that are as stunning as they can get. So, today we shall talk about K-pop and the way it is impacting global fashion!

There is fashion with style and then, there is fashion with inspiration - K-pop delivers a bit of both and in a way, that you cannot take your eyes off of the idols. 

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