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New York Fashion Week Fall Collection

by Akash Khatri

January 1, 2021

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New York Fashion Week is one of the “Big 4” fashion weeks in the world and is held semi-annually each year in February and September.

This year all the live shows struggled to follow their conventional path due to pandemics, New York fashion week was no exception either and for months fashion designers struggled to cope with the “new normal” but definitely came up with some amazing collection.

As pandemic has changed the trend of fashion to some extent and with most of the people working from home, the New York fashion week showcased the basic yet chic versions of the clothing rather than going all hunky-dory and glittery.

The main cause taken up by most of the fashion designers was “Sustainable fashion” that would protect our environment and in times of such crisis like we are in 2020, giving attention to the environment and global warming is essential.

One off-putting thing that the New York fashion week missed is to witness a few of the famous designers participating in New York fashion week’s fall collection.

Although looking at the brighter side, the absence of few famous and well-known designers created room for the new and younger designers to shine through.

Few names that won heart in the New York Fashion Week fall collection of 2020 are:

Marc Jacobs: He highlighted more of the basics in an old school way. A-line coats and Mini shift dresses were the major highlights from his collection.

Marina Moscone: She is known for her minimalistic styling. However, she surprised everyone in the fall collection and came up with some sexy options for the evening, some suits, and even used leopard prints for gowns.

Prabal Gurung: He expressed his New York fall collection as a love letter to the city which deeply is fascinated about fashion and colours. He showcased the love for glamour meticulously via suits to gowns to jackets.

Khaite: She presented her collection as a tale of two women from two different worlds which blended so perfectly and did not even urge us to choose a side either. Such diligently worked collection.

There were far too many talented designers who gave everyone major fashion goals and showed how fashion would probably look like in the coming year.

Hope you guys have taken note of how suits, A-line dresses, and animal prints and evening gowns won heart at the fall collection in New York fashion week and would keep your wardrobe updated accordingly.

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