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The Influence Of Kanye West On Fashion

by Priti Sharma

December 11, 2022

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All of us are familiar with Kanye West's outrageous outbursts. Like when he climbed the stage and took Taylor Swift's microphone, or when he declared his intention to run for president in 2020. Although Kanye West has made several odd statements, he has had the greatest impact on modern fashion because of his distinct aesthetic from other rappers' aesthetics, his real effect on sneaker culture, and how rappers define masculinity as a whole. Rapper Kanye West stood out among others for his sense of style. Kanye used thinner clothing, whereas the majority of rappers before him had a more "thug"-like aesthetic.

The Influence Of Kanye West On Fashion

With the elegance of a bull in a Givenchy shop, Kanye West challenged the hip-hop fashion establishment. The self-described "slave to fashion" stood apart from his contemporaries when he first entered the rap industry in 2002. The Chicago MC deviated from the typical look of rappers, who were often dressed in tall tees, enormous sports jerseys, and baggy pants. Instead, he wore Ralph Lauren polo bears and backpacks.

Although Kanye is not the first rapper to defy fashion conventions or wear pink, the Louis Vuitton Don paved a previously unheard-of road into the realm of high-end design. The multi-hyphenate has transformed into a respectable fashion hero thanks to stunts like his listening party/fashion show held at Madison Square Garden and connections with industry figures like Riccardo Tisci, Anna Wintour, and Phoebe Philo. However, this visionary's creativity goes beyond only introducing thinner fits to hip-hop.

The Influence Of Kanye West On Fashion

Since he persuaded youngsters to wear those godawful shutter sunglasses and ask their parents to purchase them Air Yeezys, Kanye's influence on the fashion world and the youth has been clear. With the ballerina-filled ingenuity of Runaway, he later exposed street youngsters to Phillip Lim on his own. Rap fans saw The Throne debut various Givenchy collaborations, including leather kilts and album artwork, demonstrating how individualism and creative expression triumph over outdated gender conventions. At Coachella, Kanye purposefully disregarded gender stereotypes by donning a women's Celine top, redefining masculinity in hip-hop. Of course, haters frequently question the rapper's sexuality because of the widespread homophobia in the genre. However, Kanye has never let criticism get to him. He is doing more than merely dispelling the erroneous link between sexual desire and skirts by dressing in gender-neutral attire. A$AP Rocky, Young Thug, and Jaden Smith are just a few of the expressive, progressive young musicians he is giving the world. 

Thugga has no qualms about saying that "90 percent of my clothing are women's," and Jaden celebrates gender fluidity in his most recent Louis Vuitton advertisements, thanks in part to Yeezy's creation of safe places for males to dress however the hell they want. Even rappers A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar have acknowledged The Life of Pablo MC as having a significant influence on their sharply tailored clothing. Not to add, it's impossible to go five blocks in downtown NYC without seeing ten Yeezy impersonators.

The Influence Of Kanye West On Fashion

Even if some people don't like Kanye's so-called rants, he has a point when he says, "I am so credible, so important, and so relevant that I will alter things." And he has that. Regardless of how often his Yeezy designs are criticized, Kanye is a visionary with the ability to alter how people dress. Beyond the mic, he is amazing. He has become one of the most important people in the world of fashion because of his constant dominance in the fashion world. And, buddy, the youngsters are making notes.

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