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The Modernity Of The Fashion Sphere

by Shreya Satish Jorapur

February 19, 2023

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Glamour, grandeur, glory… The fashion industry encapsulates these three G’s in an intriguing way, which has gradually integrated into our persistent everyday culture too. People are consistently amazed by the extravagance of fashion show, the models, the intricate designs, and their way of living. However, there are two sides of every coin and so is the case here. On the flip side of beauty lies all the perseverance and hardships that lead to it. Let’s discuss the multitude of aspects involved in this industry, assessing the repercussions and effects alike.


The treatment of models in the industry is a conflict-inducing topic which can not be generalized. Acknowledgement of the body image issues, disordered eating behaviours, and mental turmoil that accompanies the occupation is very important. The repetitive cycles and beliefs that are ingrained in these models can be detrimental to their journey.

In recent times, such issues have been brought to light and attempts towards redemption are being made by companies and authorities. Appreciable steps have been taken regarding inclusivity of gender, race, and body types. There is a plethora of diversity that can be observed in the ramps of today- walkers of different nationalities, identities, and bodies are celebrated and recognized in a widespread manner. Fashion represents cultures and creates a symphony. Heritage and history are also components in fashion. 


The efficiency, and most importantly, creativity of designers is showcased amazingly. ‘Over the Top’ and ‘Camp’ themes are in trend recently. Along with this, people have become more open to gender-neutral clothing and non-rigidity in fashion. Innovation plays a key role in keeping the audience engaged. Designers and distributers are assured in the popularity of non-conventional styles which majorly appeal to the youth of the time. 

Fashion has become a form of self expression too. Thousands of people use their clothing, accessories, and even make-up related endeavours to express their convictions, orientations, solidarities and distinct styles. It is an inclusive resort to tangible expressions of the self. Fashion can also be viewed as an art form. It stems from creativity, it blooms into something physical, and causes impression and amusement. Sometimes, even a pleasant overwhelm.


The fashion industry has a growing scope for careers and educaton too. Students majoring in fashion for their degrees have multiple opportunities to flourish and prove themselves, be it amidst the public eye or behind the scenes. It is an impressive and unique path to lead towards. Events like the Met Gala, the Paris Fashion Week, and many others around the world provoke demand. Also, personality and beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, etc, along with their national level counterparts are huge factors too.

Movies like ‘Fashion’ by Madhur Bhandarkar explore the personal journeys of models, designers, company leaders, and more, It is a well-rounded and eye-opening narration. Another movie with a personal narration of a prominent name and luxurious brand is ‘Coco Before Chanel’. The song ‘Victoria’s Secret’ by Jax is a call-out to the harmful standards and detections set up. It highlights the ‘Heads’ of the coin. Meanwhile, songs similar to ‘Fashion’ by Lady Gaga focus on the confidence and flair that fashion can ignite, representing the ‘Tails’ of the coin.

There are several different aspects to this sector. Though it is not perfect, it does play a significant role in society and is of great influence to certain demographics.

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"Style is a way to convey who you are without having to speak"

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