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by Aparajita Jaiswal

27 July 2020

What does your ideal fantasy breakfast in the comfort of your own bed look like? Waking up to the ideal English breakfast with a tray full of colourful and deliciously flavoured breakfast with your personal blend of coffee is a fantasy everybody dreams about. We deserve more than just buttered toast and a sad little sachet of tea. So, why not pamper yourself with various delicacies guaranteed to take your breakfast game to a whole new level.

“To me, breakfast is my most important meal. It’s often the meal you play a game on. I make sure I have oatmeal, milk, and fruit. It’s the fuel you use to hopefully do your best, so eating right is a big part of being a professional athlete. I wish I paid more attention to it earlier in my life.” Andrew Luck

To add to the gesture we include well sautéed sausages, tomatoes, a medley of egg baked in individual ramekins with mascarpone, truffle oil and prosciutto or simple eggs Benedict along with beans in sauce, fried mushrooms and toast with a fresh options of butter and jam. It just doesn’t get better than waking up to the whiff of pancakes, maybe spruce it up with blueberries or figs and chocolate syrup, making it a energetic start to a beautiful day. A healthy and satisfying breakfast freshen our mind and opens it to new possibilities.


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