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5 Healthy Habits To Start Right Now

by Akash Khatri

December 1, 2020

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We often ignore our body both physically and mentally in our 20s when we need to lay the foundation to stay well in the future. Knowing yourself ,your body, its needs and clarifying various myths about weight and obesity could be miraculous!

Hence, 5 healthy habits to start now ( even if you’re at any age level of your life because better late than never!) are:

  • Weigh yourself often

Irrespective of the mean and worrying about it, just weigh yourself anywhere or buy a machine yourself. Make yourself thorough with the concept of BMI and muscle mass and know that the latter could increase your weight even more so it’s harmful in no way rather increases your strength and tones your body.

  • Learn to cook

This way you won’t only save your money but will save your dependency on street or restaurant food. Food we tend to eat now a days can satisfy our taste buds but are malicious to our body. Cooking yourself will help you to keep oil, spices etc in check and also preserving the nutrients of food you consume just in right amount.

  • Live an active life

This is very important. I’m sure you listen to this every now and then but living an active and disciplined life doesn’t only keeps you fit but it provides immense positivity inside.

  • Cutting out on Sugar

Not only sugar but every processed food should be kept atleast in check if you’re someone who loves food and if you’re just a fitness freak you can totally cut out sugar, you can also find its alternatives or start consuming goods without it.

  • Find a job you love

Think of it as a bonus point , additionally I didn’t mention this article is only gonna be about physical fitness, did I?

Mental health is as important or could be more especially in today’s time when we are all susceptible to this and there’s an unequivocal environment about it. I won’t dig deep into the reasons but if you’re in your 20s then we know what’s a thing which has got ahold of our lives right now and thus finding a job you love, making a career out of it is of prime importance. This won’t only keep you motivated but you’ll also be passionate about it.

With this, I will conclude here saying that

I’ve seen, experienced and hence know how much fruitful these points could be if implemented effectively but at the end you’re at your own charge so good luck!

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