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5 Ways To Know “He is Just not that into you”

by Akash Khatri

September 1, 2020

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Crushing over someone and hoping that it will be all reciprocated back one day or maybe you are dating someone with the hope of long term plans and all you get is mixed signals? On some days you just feel that “Wow, he must be so much into me” and the very next moment you question that very thought you had. We all go through that emotional dilemma. So, don’t worry you are not the only one who is facing this alone.

Let’s cut it short and let’s see the pointers which should not be overlooked in this case, which is definitely screaming out loud that HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

  • Less Curious: Remember the time when you were so excited to even see his name flashing in your inbox and were so excited to know about his day but did not get the same kind of excitement from his end? Well, that is a sign screaming that he is less curious to know about you, about your day and about your hobbies. Well, that surely indicates a lack of interest from his end. So my dearies, whoever has faced this, please stop right there. No point chasing someone who is not ready to chase you or for that matter does not want to be chased!

  • Closed: Maybe you want to share your stories from your life with him. Maybe he is a good listener too! But when you show your curiosity to know more about his life, he simply ignores to answer or refuses to open up about those with you. Well, I do agree there are few people who take some time to open up but hey, that cannot be a forever thing. So, if even after a few dates or meet ups he is not ready to open up much to you about himself and his life. Then, darling, you know what it means!

  • Not An Initiator: If he lets you plan everything without taking a slightest of interest in those planning activities or even does never bring up the topic to go out with you as much as you ask him or plan things then again you should get it clear that maybe he is just being nice not to avoid your plans directly but he is not yet into you to actually take initiatives to plan things out. Bummer right? But ask yourself if you will really want this to continue and whether this will actually make you happy in the long run? If it says NO then you know you need to stop thinking about this guy.

  • Priorities: Well, we all love to be the priority and not the option in friendships, relationships or dates. So, if he is always putting other things over you directly or indirectly then you know what you really need to know! You are smart and you should know when to walk away or walk in.

  • No Acknowledgement: If he has not introduced you to his friend circle even as a friend then you know your position and importance in his life. Acknowledgments are really important in case you are really planning for something long term. So care for that self-respect darling and you know what will it tell you better than I pen it down here.

So, this list is pretty much it to say the guy you are having in your mind and heart is having the same thing from his end for you or not! It is totally okay if you are simply crushing over someone! But in case you are seeing someone or dating, someone, then it is important for both of you to be on the same page. Otherwise, it will only lead you to heartaches and breaks.

But trust these feelings, they only clear the path in your life for someone more worthy than this guy you are currently obsessed about. Things do fall in place at the right time.

Just remember one thing, God gives us the people we need and deserve not always the ones we want. Keep the faith alive and never stop believing in love and miracles. Cause miracles happen when you believe in them!

P.S. In case you are a guy and reading this and could relate then these filters do apply for your situation as well..!!

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