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70’s Playlist

by Akash Khatri

October 1, 2020

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Without any professional training giving rise to many more new models and genres, the great music artists marked 1970 as an epoch from where music took place in the world of art and people’s heart. The most acknowledged and grand music of 70s gave us innumerable songs that can pacify one’s mood even today. Their vibe can make one jovial even after listening to them for 20 times.

They used to write, play, produce and compose their own music originally and didn’t ever need to sequence them. The music then, was played on popular radio channels and the nostalgia is seen till date. Some people still have a collection of records and cassettes which they play whenever they feel like reliving past days or refreshing memories of their loved ones. Some songs are not only just soothing to ears, but also has certain stories attached with them. There were many musicians and singers who tried to exhibit social issues through their songs, like freedom, protection for women and children, violence and also about the wars and riots taking place. So people remember songs that depicts such junctures and sundry others. For instance, “Fight The Power” by The Isley Brothers. It displayed a distrust in authority and had an undeniable intensity. People used to get hopes and strength to face the air by just giving ears to some beautifully written songs. Such thoughtful they were.

Many artists used to emerge everyday at that time to outshine their music and make it to the top. They made groups and those turned out to become bands. It was a pretty fast moving field. They initially had to focus on everything including their visual concepts, entertaining live performances, videography and even fashion.

Talking about fashion, the industry of fashion had been developing and undergoing too many changes. Artists also had to modify their clothing styles from bright stage outfits to the modern ones. Eventually music world started getting connected to the fashion world.

Gradually, the music industries influenced electronic music and walking into the digital era adoption of electronic drums and drum machines also began. Disco, new wave, and synth pop started emerging and with time, computer technology also touched heights of development. It improved mixing, editing, playback music and sound effects for more systematic production of music.

Meanwhile compact cassette recorders and turntables became basic items among the listeners and fans. The decade is also contemplated to be the growing point for visual art.

When the new technologies started to fill out, music video industry also heightened. Tape recorders became the main source of recording procedure and recorded multiple tracks at the same time. Cassettes turned out to be the most popular format and releases were being issued in both cassettes and vinyls.

The music of 70s is popular for all the age groups as it never gets old. It just gets renewed with each and every passing day. Today, many people are unaware of numerous genres like funk, soul, reggae, glam rock, hard rock, heavy metal and more. Many of the best rock recordings of all time are released during this decade. Hip hop also extended but not as rapidly as rock and disco did.

While Bohemian Rhapsody can give chills even today, Stayin’ Alive can melt one’s heart. The Beatles anointed the first half of 1970 with it’s albums, and The Rolling Stones still makes people go rock and roll. When Pink Floyd was breaking records, Paul McCartney and Wings amazed people.

It also came with some tragic losses of Jimi Hendrix, Billy Stewart, Elvis Presley and many other legends but their work stayed within everyone’s soul. 1970’s music displayed many movements and styles that were thoroughly unique to each other and were enjoyable in every manner. It will stay in playlist of some, forever.

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