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Before I Die

by Neha Pande

July 27, 2020

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We all as humans have thought about various things to do before we die, some of us might even have a huge bucket list of fun things to do before they die. Death is something inevitable so let’s make out the most of our days that we have and tick off all we can off our bucket list. “The meaning of life is to give life a meaning” so give your life a meaning by achieving or doing everything you ever wanted, even if it is as simple as kissing your loved one under the moonlight or as crazy as exploring the coral reefs.

Travel to the Great Beyond

Let’s kickstart the list with the one thing everyone desires to do at least once in their life, travel to a country you always wanted to so don’t you think twice about it and jump on the first plane available to send you off to the city of your dreams (please plan before you go anywhere). An expert tip before you travel off to the great beyond away from the comfort of your comfy home is to always plan before you go anywhere and research about the country because that why you’ll know about every nook and cranny of the city of your dreams and you will have the best experience while exploring the place, so lets get set and take off to L.A, Paris, Tokyo or New York, your choice.

Learn A New Language

We all have one of those times when we wish we knew another or other language(s), something to spice up our vocabulary and to woo people we meet. It’s always a plus point to add your knowledge about exotic languages or even regional languages to your resume. Maybe you might want to learn the languages of love French or Italian or something or hardcore like German and Dutch or maybe stay a bit closer to your homeland and learn something regional, all is well and all you need is to give it a go and let your knowledge expand.

Donate Blood

Donating blood is something we all have thought about but have always been scared to do so. At times it is good to let ourselves conquer our fears and do something good. Donating blood is most definitely something on my bucket list and maybe your too but if not then put it right on top because it’s something which is a whole new experience which will make you feel good inside and also help someone else when they are in need, no I do not mean vampires!

A quick tip, research well about the blood bank or the hospital before you are going off to donate blood because there are a lot of frauds running loose.

Eat Your Heart Out

People are crazy about food, every couple of days we have one or another new food trend which goes viral over the internet and we all being foodies at heart want to taste it so bad. So after our marathon maybe we can grab a cheeky little bite of that Internet Famous food and eat our Hearts out because in the end food is life! So, let’s eat all the rainbow bagels, red velvet cupcakes or a good ol’ slice of pizza.

Get a Pet

Pets are a huge responsibility and also a lot of work but they are also your best friend and there when you feel down, a bond between an owner and his/her pet is unbreakable. One must have this experience because it’s one of the best feelings in this whole wide world, especially if your pet is from a shelter or rescued, something everyone desires is unconditional love and that’s what pets offer so it’s most definitely something people must have on their bucket lists. An important advice before you buy a pet would be to research it and make sure you have everything to make him/her feel absolutely comfortable.

Be a lone wolf

Go out alone and venture out in the wild, go out on a trip alone because it’s good to have that kind of experience. At times on trips with people you don’t get to do what you want so take this time to venture out alone. You might make new friends along the way, learn new things about yourself and even get to do things you thought you would never do alone. Adventure is the spice of life and at times the best experiences and adventures are with yourself. It is the best way of discovering yourself.

Conquer your fears

We all are scared of something and these things at times keep us up all night so before we go let’s conquer at least one of them. Conquering fear is on everyone’s bucket list but it’s too scary and at times looked over but it gives us no bigger satisfaction when we finally conquer our fears, it makes us a better version of ourselves. So, let’s start conquering these fears step by step and not be scared of those little spiders or clowns or thunder, let’s live life on our own terms.

Get a Tattoo

How long have you wished for that work of art on your body? People get scared or maybe conflicted when they talk about getting a tattoo because they think it’ll hurt like hell or they feel like it’s not the right time or they don’t have a specific design yet. Tattoos are like an expression of yourself on your body, they are beautiful works of art that are yours for life to cherish and one should get at least one in their entire life because they are beautiful self-representations.

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