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6 Disadvantages Of Being Pretty

by Akash Khatri

October 1, 2020

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“You look amazing” or “You look so pretty lucky you” Heard these often?

If you belong to this category who has heard these kinds of lines a lot in her life from relatives to friends to colleagues then you know it too well that being very pretty is not a great thing or being lucky. Why? Because in the journey of life, you need to face a lot of problems just for being that little extra beautiful than the rest in your current circle.

In this write up, I tried to discuss a few common problems that every pretty girl has faced in her life just for being pretty. Hope this would be relatable. Take a look below..

  1. Less Female Friends :-Isn’t that obvious? We all know that “jealousy” is an inherent trait among girls. Well! Not all but most of the girls tend to fall in trap of that green monster whenever it comes to the outer appearance. Why? It’s simple. Because nobody wants to look a little lesser than the other. So, if you are the prettiest among all, probably you would tend to have less female friends. Accept it.

  2. No Introduction with Friend’s Partner :– More often than not girls always feel that if there is a better looking girl around them, then their boyfriend would probably end up having an affair with them. Like, seriously? Grow up..!! If your partner really loves you then no matter what, he will be with you and this much trust should be there in a couple. So, unfortunately if you are the better looking one than your girlfriend and if she is kind of insecure about her partner as well as her looks, then you have a bad news girl. You would probably never be introduced to her partner.

  3. Opinions & Invitations :– People would either have high opinions about you or they would talk shits. It’s either-or situation. Get it straight. When you are pretty and probably a little more than the rest then, either people would think that you are a snob and avoid inviting you to their parties and would prefer talking less to you. There will always be few unkind people who would bitch about you to make sure that you are not invited. Reason? They do not want others to pay attention to you, miss pretty face. As a result may be you would end up feeling left alone or lonely at times. But that is okay because they do not deserve your attention if they judge you.

  4. People are afraid to approach :– People will presume that you would anyways reject them so they never approach you in the first place. Even if they do, they would be really conscious around you that in no way make the equation comfortable for you.

  5. Love life:– In a commitment, great..! But God forbids if he looks average in comparison to you then he would always feel insecure about you. Because he would always feel that there is a possibility of you leaving him for better looking options, which might not be true. But, as he knows you are irresistible to look at, he would live in that constant fear of losing you. Consequences of this would not be great either as it would only complicate things between you and your partner. So, make sure you assure and reassure him about your commitment and love towards him.

  6. Less Friends of opposite gender :-Need friends but find none? Have you ever noticed that people always want to be your boyfriend and not just good friends? If yes, then you must know why. Who does not want to date a beautiful girl? But it is not mandatory that you would want them as partner, too. The moment you would reject their proposal they would abandon your friendship too (well mostly if not all). And as a result you end up having fewer friends from the opposite gender. Sad, but this is the harsh truth.

It is not an universal theory but it happens a lot to pretty girls. Surely they can relate to few of the above discussed points.

An advice to all the pretty girls out there, just be you and humble, the way you are. If you look great that definitely is not your fault. Just make sure you are a great person too because at the end that matters the most. Even if you see less people around you, don’t be upset because if people cannot appreciate the good in you and be your friend then it is their problem not yours.

Remember, the person who is not perfect in his or her own way would always feel insecure and doubtful about their own existence and in return, they would be angry with you probably because they know your worth and are afraid to accept that truth.

Just live your life and along the way you will surely find like-minded people who would embrace you without any hesitations and feelings of insecurities. Till then, be you, be beautiful, not only by outer appearance but from within too. Not for them, but for yourself.

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