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Benefits of Green Tea

by Tanya Gupta

August 16, 2022

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Green Tea is made by steaming the leaves of Camellia Sinesis plant which was first found in China during emperor Shennong's reign. It is available in the form of loose leaf , instant powder, capsule,oil and tea bag.

Consumption of green tea has various health benefits . It helps in weight loss, regulates blood sugar level,aids digestion, improves cardiovascular and mental health , enhances cognitive functioning and helps in curing skin problems.

Drinking a cup of green tea, I stopped the war. - Paul Reps

Apart from consuming green tea , it can also be applied on skin .Green tea packs prevent sagging of skin,fine lines, wrinkles,help in treating acne and pimples and help one in maintaining a healthy skin. Some green tea packs which can easily be made at home are:

1. Mixing green tea powder, orange peel powder and honey

2. Mixing green tea powder, turmeric and honey

3. Mixing freshly brewed green tea ,honey and lemon

Green tea oil is also used to treat skin, hair and body problems.It helps in preventing hair loss, wrinkles, reducing acne and pimples, soothes muscles and helps in reducing dark circles.

The famous Jasmine tea and Matcha are also derived from green tea.

Jasmine tea has green tea as its base and jasmine flowers are added into it. It is known as ' Sepin- cha'. It improves one's physical and mental well - being.

Matcha is made by adding boiled water to ground green tea leaves .

It has a smooth and rich flavour and is used in the special Japanese Tea Ceremony and added to lattes, smoothies and baked goods.

Green tea is also used in making chocolates. In Japan, one can find green tea flavoured Kit Kat, Pocky's, Melty Kiss and ROYCE'S chocolate.

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