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Jainil Mehta: A Soulful Symphony

by Akshra Khandelwal

September 6, 2023

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Dance has the power to captivate hearts and stir emotions like nothing else. For Jainil Mehta, dance became more than just a hobby; it became a lifelong passion that drove him to pursue it professionally. In this candid interview with L’utopia Magazine, Jainil takes us on an enthralling journey through his love for dance, the challenges he conquered, and the inspiring achievements that have defined his career.

Unearthing the Passion

"How did you discover your passion for dance, and what inspired you to pursue it professionally?" Jainil shares, "As a typical Indian parent, my mom enrolled me in various classes at the age of 5. Dance, among them all, continued to resonate with me as the years passed." The allure of dance grew stronger, and by Grade 6, Jainil realized that his calling extended beyond performing; he was also drawn to teaching and choreography. This revelation inspired him to pursue dance professionally, and after Grade 12, he sought formal education in the art by applying to dance colleges.

The Synchronization of Dance and the Online World

Jainil's online journey commenced in May 2019 when he was in search of dancers to join his classes. Instagram and Youtube played crucial roles in connecting him with potential students and fellow dance creators, making his online presence a vital part of his dance career. "I kept DANCE as a priority amidst all lifestyle posts," Jainil reveals, proving that dance has been the heartbeat of his virtual presence from the beginning.

Epiphanies on Stage

"Tell us about any memorable performances or experiences in your dance career," we inquire eagerly. Jainil's eyes light up as he recalls the moment he stepped into the USC Kaufman School of Dance building after being accepted. It was a dream come true, and spending four years studying and obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance became a thrilling and unforgettable adventure for him.

Choreographing Dreams

"If you could choreograph a celebrity, who would it be and why?" we ask. Without a moment's hesitation, Jainil expresses his love for Bollywood and reveals his desire to choreograph any Bollywood celebrity. Having grown up immersed in Bollywood movies since childhood, the idea of contributing to a romantic comedy film, Jainil's favorite genre, excites him.

The Triumph of Individuality

"My biggest accomplishment was bringing men in skirts into the limelight," Jainil proudly declares. What began as a personal journey transformed into a powerful movement, inspiring countless individuals to embrace bold choices and conquer their insecurities fearlessly.

Conquering Challenges with Grace

As with any artistic endeavor, Jainil encountered challenges in reaching his audience. He acknowledges that marketing and understanding algorithms were hurdles to overcome. However, his belief in being true to himself and showcasing his talent on social media proved instrumental in building a global community of over 10,000 students.

Nurturing Aspiring Dancers

Addressing aspiring dancers, Jainil offers sage advice: "Use dance as your meditation - to center and ground yourself. Do not be afraid of challenges - embrace them and flow through them." He encourages young dancers to find solace and strength in their art, reminding them that life has other battles to fight.

"I want to create the first-ever accredited higher education dance program in India," Jainil shares his ambitious goal. He envisions a program that fosters global exchange, interdisciplinary learning, and partnerships, allowing dancers to develop their artistic choices and identities, forging unique careers.

Jainil Mehta's passion for dance, his journey from discovery to profession, and his unwavering dedication to his craft have illuminated the world of dance and inspired thousands. As the melody of his soul continues to resonate on stage and through digital realms, Jainil Mehta remains a beacon of creativity and individuality, reminding us all that dance is not just a profession, but a way of life.

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