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Simran Mittal: From Fashion To Entrepreneurship - A Journey Of Glam & Glow

by Akshra Khandelwal

August 26, 2023

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In the world of glitz and glamor, it's not every day that you come across a young and vibrant influencer who has successfully divided into entrepreneurship. Simran Mittal, a fashion and beauty industry name-making wave, recently sat with us for an exclusive interview. Her journey from being a teenage model to establishing her salon chain, "Glam & Glow," is inspiring. Let's dive into her world of creativity, passion, and empowerment.

"How are you doing?" we asked, and she replied with a beaming smile, "I am doing wonderful." That cheerful demeanor set the tone for an engaging conversation, and we were eager to learn more about her journey.

"To begin with, I come from a Punjabi business family; I was never a 'bright student'; I got decent grades and was not like everyone; I was waiting to finish school," Simran began, recounting her early days. It's fascinating how destiny often has its own plans for us, and for Simran, those plans were about to unfold.

Simran Mittal: From Fashion To Entrepreneurship - A Journey Of Glam & Glow

At 16, Simran started her journey as a model, walking on runways and featuring in brand shoots. But she realized that modeling alone wasn't enough to quench her thirst for success. Her real passion lay in winning pageants and entering the entertainment industry. However, a setback came when she was rejected from a prestigious pageant due to height criteria, which she believed was untrue. That moment left her shattered, but Simran, determined to prove herself, participated in another pageant and emerged victorious at 18.

Little did she know that her journey would take an unexpected turn. "Never did I know my love for being in front of the camera would begin my career from my Instagram page," she said. With around 4-5k followers, brands started reaching out to her, and she unknowingly stumbled upon the realm of influencing.

"One day, I got a call for a Fashion reality show, and I was all in to see what it's got," she continued. Though her stint on the show was brief, being the youngest contestant gave her invaluable experience.

Simran confessed that entrepreneurship was always on her mind. At 19, she started her salon, "Glam & Glow," driven by her creativity and love for fashion. The salon chain aimed to deliver quality services with an eye for detailing. "It was never just a business for me; it was my baby that I wanted to grow and nurture," she said. 

Her entrepreneurial journey didn't stop there. At age 21, she launched her own nail cosmetic range, "S&T Beauty," which offered 100% vegan products with fewer chemicals, which was rare in the market.

Simran's passion for fashion and glamming up is evident in her style. She described her fashion must-haves, including an Oversized White Shirt, Well-fitted High-waisted ripped jeans, and a Corset belt to elevate any look. Pastel co-ords are her go-to when she wants to look effortlessly glam.

When asked about her fashion inspirations, she mentioned Blake Lively and Natasha Poonamwala, admiring their bossy and glamorous styles.

Beyond fashion and entrepreneurship, Simran also emphasized the importance of self-care. She has been doing CrossFit for four years, which keeps her active and toned. Journaling and writing down affirmations are also part of her self-care routine.

Simran shared some valuable advice for young creators as an influencer and entrepreneur. "Stay authentic instead of putting up content just for the sake of it," she said. "It's fine to take breaks and not post every day. Quality over quantity is crucial." She also emphasized the significance of sticking to one or two niches, which helps the audience connect better.

Simran's message to the world reflects her compassionate and fearless nature. "Be kind and choose the right people to spend your time and energy with," she advised. She also urged everyone to express their opinions without fear and to keep experimenting without waiting for the "right time."

Simran Mittal's journey is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and embracing unforeseen opportunities in the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty. From facing rejection to becoming an influential entrepreneur, she has carved her own path, inspiring countless others.

We couldn't help but be inspired by Simran's sheer determination and passion. Her journey from beauty pageants to becoming a successful entrepreneur showcases the power of believing in oneself and seizing opportunities that come our way.

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