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Sunita Trakaroo; A Rising Star

by Aparajita Jaiswal

September 28, 2022

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Sunita Trakaroo speaks to Aparajita Jaiswal in a candid interview where she exchanged trade secrets of being a model and influencer. She stresses on the values and points she keeps in mind while creating her content. Sunita strongly believes in keeping up her fitness and always trying to make sure her audience is happy and satisfied as she has made a career as a lifestyle influencer. She is not only elegant but graceful in her endeavours. "My objective is to always carve a niche for my audience participation in every post," Sunita relays.

As an influencer of any genre or field, one doesn't always know what he or she wants and how to progress. Sunita gives her advice to all aspiring influencers and says, "Before stepping in this industry one should know what they want from himself or herself first and then proceed to understand what kind of audience engagements does they wants and then accordingly plan."

Sunita goes on to talk about the challenges one might face in this particular field. "The foremost challenge everyone is facing is the cut throat competition among the masses and this is also one of the most challenging parts of my job."

Sunita speaks about her inspirations and the women she looks upto who are none other than the talented Oprah Winfrey and Priyanka Chopra."None of them belonged to a showbiz family and whatever they have achieved today is purely because of hardwork and pure intention towards the audience."

Sunita Trakaroo believes that there is nothing that is tough and can break her spirit, welcoming challenges and striving forward to achieve her goal. "Each failure is a lesson for me so there is no such failure that is big or small failure as I have learnt a lot from every failure I have encountered."

Sunita wishes to convey to her fans and her audience, "I would like to tell my audience that become so skilled at what you do that your talent cannot be dismissed. Hardwork always pays off." She goes on to say, "Don't compare yourself with others. Everyone is unique in his/her own way, just compete with yourself."

Sunita is in complete sync with what she is doing and she does it with humility. She believes strongly in women empowerment, body positivity and the progress of artists in India. She wishes to be a part of the process and help our community as much as she can!

Don't compare yourself with others. Everyone is unique in his/her own way, just compete with yourself.
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