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Ways to be kind to yourself

by Neha Pande

September 1, 2020

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Be kind to yourself; your body, your soul and your mind because if you are not kind and loving to yourself then who will be? In today’s fast paced life we at times forget to take care of ourselves and when even a tiny thing doesn’t go according to our plan we start to feel low; beating ourselves over that one tiny mishap. During times like these we must take a step back and be kind to ourselves. Mishaps happen, problems and issues occur but we must stay strong and be kind to ourselves. Keeping that in mind we have made a list of ways which will help you be kinder to yourself.

  1. Take some time out for yourself – Take a break, take a time out and call it your day. Everyone needs rest and at times the best way to love yourself and be kind to yourself is to take a break and rest your body, soul and mind. Let yourself recharge and get ready for days to come. Go on a little vacation or if you can’t then take some time out to read your favourite book, watch a movie, cook, bake or go for a spa! Sky’s the limit; but make sure whatever you do, it relaxes you and makes you happy.

  2. Call a Friend – At times all we need is to call someone and vent all our troubles out and that’s why, when in doubt you go call your best friend. Friends can always hype you up and make you feel like you are on top of the world. Calling someone also helps you solve a lot of issues and helps you realise your self worth making you feel loved and appreciated. Just pick up your phone and call or in Sam Smith’s words “I’m only one call away, I’ll be there to save the day.”

  3. Give yourself a pep talk – “Hey you! You are stunning and beautiful!” Pep talks are essential especially on a low day. Instead of counting all the flaws in you, celebrate the good in yourself. Practice the art of pep talks; go stand in front of the mirror and remind yourself of how beautiful you are and how much of an amazing person you are.

  4. Take a nap – Why do you think babies are so happy most of the times? Studies have shown that taking naps can definitely make a person be energised and happy. Naps are like the super tablets that a person needs to be happy and if you are happy and energised you’ll be more kind too yourself. One nap a day will definitely make all you worries go away.

  5. Go for a walk or exercise – Go out into the world and breathe in the fresh air letting go of your worries. Walks and working out will not only keep you healthy and active but will also keep you fresh and happy. So pop in your earphones and blast some Beyoncé as you go workout or some Sam Smith for calm peaceful walks.

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