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Disneylands in the World

by Tanya Gupta

August 16, 2022

There are total six Disneylands around the world in California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Disneyland is the star. Everything else is in the supporting role. - Walt Disney

1. Disneyland California

It is one of the oldest and largest of all the Disneylands and was built by Walt Disney himself.It has nine different themed zones with unique rides and attractions, hotels and restaurants.

2. Disneyland Florida

It is the second largest of all the Disneylands.It has four theme parks, two water parks and many Disney themed hotels.

3. Disneyland Paris

Apart from the famous Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Paris also has Disneyland.It has many attractions, rides, live performances and hotels, where one can experience traditional French cuisine.

4. Disneyland Tokyo

Tokyo has both Disneyland and Disney Sea.It has seven different harbors which resemble different topographical areas offering a unique experience to the visitor.

5. Disneyland Hong Kong

It is the smallest of all the Disneylands but it offers one the experience of thrilling rides, different themed, zones, hotels, parades and the chance to meet famous Disney characters.

6. Disneyland Shanghai

It was built in 2016 and it is the new variation of the traditional Disneyland.

The park has many different features which other Disneylands do not have.

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