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How to Travel Solo like a Pro

by Rupashree Ravi

August 16, 2022

A one of a kind and once in a lifetime experience is travelling, and solo travel tops that. From budgeting, keeping calm in an emergency, to meeting interesting new people, and building a soul-enriching and meaningful relationship with yourself, it teaches you everything. The post pandemic world has seen a resurgence of people getting out of their homes to try and be a part of everything they can before the next inevitable global emergency. Solo travel is where it’s at. The boundless independence to the time for self-reflection that solo travel allows you, it is both exhilarating and enlightening, no matter your age.

Traveling unlocks new parts of ourselves. Soloists have emerged as a fast-growing segment in the travel industry during the past decade. But people have their perceptions, misconceptions and fears when it comes to travelling solo. Some of the most seasoned solo travellers will tell you they didn’t initially set out to adventure on their own. It can come with sheer spontaneity or proper planning; there is no in-between. Along the way, many get hooked on this independent style of traveling — freely wending their way through countries on their own itineraries, or lack thereof, and enjoying the joy of meeting new paths and people.

Discover new spots all by yourself

With so many places to travel to, it can be overwhelming to pick your first solo travel destination. Start by giving your trip a focus, whether it’s an activity you’ve been wanting to try like hot air ballooning or a destination that’s long been on your list. So pick your destination, and leave lots of room for serendipity. Discover new restaurants and cuisines, museums, or sunset spots on your own, and follow the recommendations of different people like the local people and other tourists from different walks of life. This will build confidence and a great deal of adventure in you.

You can meet people from different cultures and backgrounds

Next, set a budget and have some flexibility as well. Hotel rooms are great, but you’d be surprised to know that hostels are amazing for networking and socializing. Many even have options for single rooms if you don’t want to share a space. As you set your trip budget, give yourself an extra ten per cent leeway for any change in plans. A solo trip is the best way to perfect the art of the selfie. Explore new camera settings. Or you can ask random strangers or fellow tourists on the street to click a photograph of you.

Adventure and spontaneity are the two ingredients for a great solo trip

Of course, safety is one of the most important aspects of solo travel. Always remain in well-lit areas and avoid shady places. When in crowded areas, stay clear of pickpockets and guard your belongings well. Share your location with a trusted contact and download maps and routes ahead of time.

The beauty of solo travel is that you can have time by yourself, but you can also link up with other people who are travelling alone like you. Eventually, you will learn to enjoy your own company, and alone time is underrated. And when you meet people you click with, be open to adventure. So, here’s your push to get out on your own and explore the world!


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