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Re-Discover The Charm Of Old-School Travel With A Total Digital Detox!

by Yashi Srivastava

February 21, 2023

What is that one thing we can’t go a day without? No prizes for guessing; it’s the internet! 

We can’t get enough of this world of the digital vortex. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have become captive of internet technology to the point where we need a digital detox from time to time or let it take the better of us.

Let’s accept that traditional ways of paying bills, playing games (we mean outdoors), calling people, clicking photographs, etc., are so old school! While we cannot go back to standing in lines for hours to pay the bills, we can certainly apply some old-school charm to our travels. Back in the day, travelers and explorers only had winds or maps to guide them to a new destination – and they hardly ever faltered! 

So, we at L’utopia, decided to take you back to the good days when nobody knew the word digital and yet traveled far and around the globe! 

The article will help you understand why a digital travel detox is an absolute necessity in the current world and how to switch to the old-world travel patterns so that the next time you go on a trip, you can re-discover the charm and beauty; of old-school travel!


Why Go for a digital detox?

When was the last time you unplugged from your cell phone/laptop/social media for 24 hours? If your answer is, ‘I don’t know,’ you, my friend, need a digital detox.

Every time we get out of control with the consumption of complex carbohydrates and gain a few extra pounds, we detoxify our bodies. In the same way, we can rely on the old-school ways to give our eyes some rest and break from the digital hullaballoo to get our minds back in their original shape. 

We believe that the best way to do the same is while wandering in the hills or enjoying a traditional meal with our family in a hotel away from social media and its charm - that’s when you enjoy your freedom! 

A vacation or a trip to your favorite destination without the stress of keeping up with social media or receiving urgent calls will make your trip worthwhile when you avoid tapping on your phone’s screen for no reason. It saves your time and energy. Ah! You’ve no idea how amazing this feeling is, and the result is extraordinary - unfiltered freedom!

How to Begin with the digital detox?

You can always start with limiting your use of social media – start with an hour or so and bring it down to 20 minutes a day or however it deems fit. Cut down the time of using social media with each passing day.

Before setting off for your retreat, ensure you have sent all the important emails and messages and informed your friends and colleagues about the same. Also, you can provide a contact number of the hotel you’ll be staying in so that you can be contacted in case there’s an urgency.

Next, you can start wearing a watch on your way out so that you break the habit of looking at your phone. 

Before leaving for the airport or station:

  • Book your hotel.

  • Get your reservations.

  • Write down the hotel’s address.

  • Ask the staff how to reach the hotel from the airport/station. 

Finally, make your travel itinerary and jot down the necessary details about the place you’re visiting so that it becomes easy for you to enjoy your time off without stressing over issues regarding where to go and how to reach there, etc. Even your hotel staff can help you with places to visit during your stay but be sure that the information you have collected is correct. 


How to switch from digital/online tools to old school club?

Now that you’re ready to take your digital detox vacation, here are a few non-digital tools that can replace the digital ones and turn you to transform you into a total traditional traveler!

Use printed maps instead of GPS- Remember that GPS will be gone when you say goodbye to your smartphone and laptops. So, try and get yourself a street map to figure out the directions to reach your hotel + other places you want to visit.  

It isn’t that a big task to find a map. However, trying to learn the direction on the printed maps sure is. So, if the map doesn’t work well for you, it’s better to ask for directions from locals.

Payphone instead of cell phone (or borrow a phone) - As fun as it sounds, finding a working payphone in today’s world can be hectic. If you’re going for full detox, better borrow a phone to make a call. If you want to go off-grid, you’ll have to face a little uneasiness on your way, but it will add to your great memories, and trust us when we tell you that it will all be completely worth it! 

Browse the wilderness instead of the internet- Keep your mind off of sending a text, making a call, updating your status, or anything that involves using your phone or laptop and taking in the fresh air of the wilderness!  

Pay your attention to exploring a new area and absorb the beauty of lush green forests brimming with tropical trees, rambling waterfalls, infinite wild, usual bazaar scenes, delicious food, and rich culture.

Send postcards to your loved ones- We agreed on no cell phones while on the trip, but if you miss your friends and family, send them some beautiful postcards of the city/place you’re vacationing. Just go to the nearby Post Office, get it stamped, and send it. 

Let travel agents take care of your business- Free yourself from the stress of booking tickets, hotels, getting reservations, etc., and contact a travel agent to do that job for you. Technology has made us self-sufficient to get our bookings done, but since you’re going off the grid, it is advisable to rely on a good travel agent.

Take a lot of books with you- Purposelessly tapping your phone screen is a great time-killer. So, when you don’t have it, you would understand that you need to direct your attention toward something else. It is thus, suggested to bring lots of books/magazines to read while you’re on a total digital blackout. 

If you like e-books, well, you must re-acquaint yourself with that sweet old smell of printed books, and if you are a reader, you might not want to switch back to e-reading again! Try it!


Jot down important contacts - Whatever you do, DO NOT forget to write down a few important contact numbers before leaving your home. You’re visiting a new place and plan to stay in a new environment for quite a while. So, you must keep these numbers with you all the time - it’s even better if you memorize them! Also, don’t forget to include the number of the hotel you’ll be staying in.

So, keep that cell phone away, close the lid of your laptop, put that camera down and unplug yourself from the digital world! Now, pack your bags and leave for your next travel destination as an authentic explorer, and soon you’ll find a connection far better than the one you share with the internet!

You can never see enough of the world with a smartphone that has a working internet connection. So, the next time you visit a new place, remember to keep it away and soak in the present moment. 

Blob - The beauty of old-world travel cannot be compared to the digital tours and trips. The charm and beauty of using a map to reach your destination brings tremendous joy to the explorer or wanderer - the same cannot be said in the case of a digital vagabond since there is no actual work done on their part to find that cafe, or that hill, or beach and so on. 

Maybe, it is time to ditch your digital tools and go on your next trip in the good old-fashioned way, and we will show you how!

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