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The Japanese Tea Ceremony

by Tanya Gupta

August 17, 2022

It is one of the three classical arts of Japanese refinement.It is a ritual of serving the Japanese green tea Matcha to the guests by the host and was primarily influenced by the Zen Buddhism. It is based on the principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.The tea ceremony is also called as Chanoyu, Sado or Ocha.

Tea is the elixir of life. - Eisai

The tea ceremony takes place in a tea house which consists of mat floor with a hearth built into it.Rustic materials are used to build the house.On the day of the ceremony, the guests are led through garden and they wash their hands before entering the house.

The host wakes up early for the preparation and cleanses the utensils with graceful movements.A silk cloth is used to handle the tea pot. Wagashi sweets are served along with the tea. Etiquette is a significant part of the tea ceremony.In Japan, there are many temples, traditional gardens and hotels which have tea houses where one can experience the tea ceremony.

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