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by Akash Khatri

November 1, 2020

World peace dome stands tall at 263 feet with a diameter of 160 feet. The height of the dome is 96 feet, whereas total height from ground to apex is 263 feet. The sitting area inside is spread over to 20,000 sq. feet and total seating capacity is 3000. This is one of the important architectural wonder which was completed in the year 2018 and was accomplished through 15 years of perseverance and dedication of thousands of people.

This epitome of wonder is located in Maharashtra, India and is dedicated for ‘World Peace and Humanity’ regardless of the fact that India ranks 141 in GPI (Global Peace Index); ranks 133 in peace and security index ,one of the least safe countries for women and has many disputes related to religion, castes going on from years mainly rooting from politics that we often come across regularly. It often leaves me wondering, have the virtual and showcasing world really overpowered us so well and establishing its roots among us so powerfully that we actually believe that buildings and statues representing peace, humanity and unity can make this place or this world better for us? Do we actually believe that burying and not talking about the flaws can disparage them in long terms?

This world peace dome left me bamboozled and thinking if it represents the modern world where only fake ways of life is sold rather than just peace and humanity. Metaphorically speaking, if this world peace dome or several structures built like this or are in disputes to be built in future can actually establish a system where the ways of real upbringings, real meaning of life can be shown, where  it is explained enough to soak in through the bones that life is more than just ‘representing’ or sugar coating ‘ugly truths’ but these representatives are quoting opposite lessons. Nothing can be a representative of anything if the mirror of that particular place it is built in, is saying something else.

Granted it can attract tourism and thus can help in boosting Indian economy in one way or the other but outsiders are really attracted to the Indian culture they found some kind of treasury in, which we are continuously letting to slip away from us!

Disguise cannot be put forth longer and the practical perks could exhaust soon if we continue to hide under the films of silver linings.


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