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Acing One Thing At A Time And All At Once - Marta Álamo

by Akshay T S

June 6, 2023

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There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to Marta; Although, we can’t complain much about what meets the eye either, considering how gorgeous she is. A model and an aesthete, there is so much that goes in Martha’s life, we couldn’t help but ask for a glimpse of it. Currently, Marta’s cherishing in her own late of being better and bigger in her career, acing her craft and striving for more. However, the successful projects aren’t all that she’s looking forward to. The cherry on top of the cake for the year is actually the fact that she plans to tie the knot pretty soon, and how she glows in anticipation of the same! 


When asked about whether it is her first time attending Cannes, she told us that it actually is! She tells us all about how she has always been so fond of European Cinema. Being a part of the most important Red Carpet in the world is indeed quite exciting for her! She tells us, “I think the most valuable thing about this festival is that all kinds of movies in the cinema industry have the opportunity to be shown all across the world.” When we asked her a quick question to describe the festival in one word, she aptly replied by calling it nothing less than a “work of art”. 

As a successful model in the industry, Marta also throws some light on whether this career is a promising one; “I think modeling is a very inclusive profession nowadays, so yes, it’s so promising because a lot of people that could not have access to this job before, now can make their dream come true by being themselves, and not by being perfect.” 


Martha is deeply in love with what she does and how she does it. When asked about what she loves the most about her career, she tells us, “What I love the most about my career is that I can travel around the world and I can do what I like. I think nowadays we live so fast with this social media era, and a part of modelling, social media content creation is part of my job, and of course, I’m so grateful for that, but I have the fortune of be a model and a content creator, so I think that I know how to enjoy the moment, and how to be grateful for every part of the world that I am able to travel because of my job. That’s why I think I’m so lucky to be a model and a content creator. Also, I can open my mind and learn about other cultures as well. I’ve met a lot of people that made my life better in this journey of modelling.” 


When asked about where she sees herself five years from now, she tells us all about her vision: “I am an absolutely fan of the positive mind and positive thoughts to achieve your goals.

Also, I think that you have to be grateful every day for what you have, which doesn’t mean that you have to stay at the same point that you are in the moment because you’re happy with it, it means that you’re happy and grateful because of the way that you have walked to get into your place but you want to move forward and to set new goals for yourself, and every day you have to work and think positively to achieve this goal, but being grateful at the same time.

So in some years, I see myself growing up in my career, I’m building up myself personally and professionally as I have been doing till now, so as a result, I’m sure that it will be my place of happiness, personally and professionally.” 

Well, that really does sum up the love that she has for her vision, and we couldn’t be more proud of it! 

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