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Exploring Acting Beyond Soaps; Uncovering Neha Marda, Her Struggles And Experiences

by Aadhya Venkatesh

May 25, 2022

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Known for hit Indian television Shows like Balika Vadhu and Doli Armaano ki, Neha Marda is working towards leaving her mark on the Indian Television Industry. She believes in infusing her heart into her work and propagates meticulous work as a road to success. Neha believes that "hard work will pay you back in this industry" and says that one must know what they deserve to ensure they get exactly that from their work. She deems that your work allows you to leave your mark in front of the audience and the makers. The journey is equally easy as it is difficult.

Her experience in the industry has allowed her to gain perspective and confidence. She says that her view of observing everything around her has changed through her craft, allowing her to feel a wide range of emotions. Her work allows her to be more vocal and poetic, which she adores.

Neha is currently working on new projects and hopes her career allows her to be more authentic and free-spirited. She aspires to reach her audiences at an emotional level and wants to explore films, OTT, and television. She wishes to work until her last breath and hopes her acting connects her to different people and places.

Having played various characters, especially that of a protagonist, makes it easier for Neha to slip in and out of roles and characters, especially those that she has been playing for a long time. She has been fortunate to play different versions of the quintessential Indian daughter-in-law. She had the pleasure of playing different versions of the same type of character. "Kabhi college se nikal ke bahu to kabhi gaon se nikal ke bahu ya kabhi city bahu so ghuma fira ke I was playing bahu". Even though daily soaps give an actor a place in people's hearts, Neha wishes to diversify from the forum and do something different. She wants to experience various journeys through characters.

Her favourite character to date has been Urmi from Doli Armano Ki, as she enjoyed the character and the character's arc immensely.

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